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  1. How can it be that you go to a " world renowned" scar docror and get new big scars on healthy skin????????? I'm super mad. I'll can get my before photos where my skin was perfectly healthy. How can a doctor fire 59mj pulses of energy on healthy skin? Is he blind?????
  2. And how about new scars? Red 1cm long lines and dents like boxcars? On healthy skin. Do they heal too?
  3. Hey really glad you're seeing improvements. From which laser? Yeah this forum has seriously been and is being manipulated in favour of certain doctors and their favourite treatments.
  4. Then you got lucky man you won't.have scars. I got too much energy blasted superficially. Subcision and tca cross man basic stuff works for older scars.
  5. Fresh are scars less than 3 months old. If you had your treatment 2 weeks ago it's probably just regular grid marks look at his photos on Ig there you can see grid marks. If you have hyperpigmentation or dents or linear scars that look like scratches I don't know maybe see a doctor. The earlier you treat the better. Do you know what energy you got on the third pass? Was is high?
  6. And all of a sudden I become a poor healer.
  7. Is this how one gets new scars from Genius? Too much energy delivered superficially? Did you get something other than Retin A and high spf for these? Do you know if non ablative laser is a good choice for treating scars from RF Genius? Thanks And what happens if one delivers high energy like 60 mj very superficially? Will it also damage the epidermis and cause scarring and hyperpigmentation?
  8. Please don't start me on "famous docs"! I've had terrible experience with one. In my experience there was 0 reason to travel for treatments. I found a doctor locally who offers the basic things like subcision and tca cross, and I'm just having a few sessions of these. No fancy miracle lasers or fillers anymore. Stick to the basics. Have some kind of resurfacing treatment in the end.
  9. I just went along with his recommendation man. Little did I know radiesse causes problems. If I did I would have never had it.
  10. How how can it be that I had the worst hyperpigmentation and new scars on my healthy skin and not over my scars??????
  11. No my man. He said it's very safe and he never had problems with it. When did you have Radiesse with him? Was it before me? Genius can be good for scars but Emil missed my scars and blasted high energy into my healthy skin. I still have dents on my healthy skin from this laser. I also feel my skin changed. It became softer and thinner.. Unusual. I had no scars there. It was normal skin. Not sure if it's fat loss. I'm going to have a study to show my fat polsters on the areas where I had
  12. I'll go to a doctor in my country now. Tca cross and subcision. Basic stuff. No fancy Genius and Radiesse fillers. And have the marks from Genius treated ASAP!!!
  13. Yeah tca cross is fine. But make sure you get tca cross and not Genius. He'll try to upsell his Genius.
  14. I can explain in great detail what I mean but there are lots of lurking scammer dermatologists here ready to take notes. But don't worry. Everybody will get what they deserve. When the time is right.