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  1. Hey guys! I have a question.Weird kind of question but if anyone has an answer I would be very interested! Well,I noticed that a friend has some acne scarring and his beard doesn't grow at these parts.After research I found that hair doesn't grow on scar tissue! So,the reason this draw my interest is that most of my scars have normal pattern and amount of hair,just like the healthy skin surrounding them! Actually, there is something that pretty much happened with every pimple I had.I would
  2. Hello! Well,my skin until august used to be pretty much amazing.I would get some pimples now and then,i would SMASH them by picking etc and i would only get some scabs that would leave hyperpigmentation that would eventually fade.Never depressed spots,pits and actual scarring!And seriously,i would pop soooo hard.Well,after holidays 2020 i started getting some pimples due to extreme stress i guess.I popped some of them and they left identations,,but pretty shallow.So i said ok,stop popping.I was
  3. heyyy thank you so much ! However i can guarantee this isnt all redness..Take a look at these... Shadows vs Actual redness...I have an actual sunken scar right there,i just can't figure how deep it is
  4. ok got it,thank's ! Do you have any specific filler to suggest? I have heard about juvederm,radiesse and sculptra. Bellafill isn't available in my country-but it scares me anyway since it is the most long lasting/permanent one. Also, if i am not becoming extremely annoying with all those questions, is it possible that even when the filler dissolves , the scar is more elevated each time because of collagen production?
  5. it's angled lighting, the scar i am so worried about has no actual "redness" with that lighting! i have tested it soooo much :'( sadly those pictures only show depth
  6. Guys i added more pictures with High definition with my best friend's help! @Sirius Lee in case this is more helpful... Sorry i have some repair cream on too,but i think the problem can be seen.Are you guys sure these are considered "shallow"? I am freaking out
  7. thank you! So that big one is a shallow boxcar too? No fat loss or something?
  8. hey! thank you! I will have this in mind.Do you happen to know what type of scar that is? And how many hopes can i have? I mean of course if it is a tough call i can expect less improvement
  9. anyone else having experience and knowledge that could help my case please? ❤️
  10. however in all those overhead lighting pictures all the darkness is shadows bc of depth..not redness ... so i guess that's the actual depth..
  11. So you think that one is shallow? Because generally it looks super dark under bad lighting,u guess that the deeper the scar the darker the shadow...
  12. I don't think i will ever come to terms with that big scar... It's the only thing I can see when i look at me ... I prefer having fillers done every six months or something,I just don't know if that will work for me! Thank you anyway
  13. @freshman hello thank you for your comment! Whyy would you say subcision is dangerous? I mean,as a procedure it has the best reviews and results!! Also,if filler is not combined with subcision donut effect usually happens... I know my problem isn't that serious,but it bothers me more than anything,it has a huge impact on my psychology.Mostly because it is pretty wide as you see and right in front of my face..
  14. @colorfulomg i saw your photos! your skin looks very nice! You are lucky because your scars aren't as wide as mine I would probably do nothing if i had your skin , it looks very nice to me ❤️ But i guess anyone wants to improve things so good luck! I hope we both have results that we'll make us accept our skin and what we see in the mirror..
  15. @panpziheyy! did depth faded a bit too? or only redness?