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  1. Great, you people are lifesavers. It's great to have forums like these. I don't know what i would have done without your help, i would have worried/stressed and been miserable the whole time. Hope they find a cure for aids. PS. Ask your doctor about the Rife Resonator which may get your acne under control. It is electric vibrations (frequencies) that makes certain bacteria resonate. Everything in life has its own resonance frequency, and a guy with the surname "Rife" got the frequencies of lots
  2. Look i am just going to try it. if it doesn't work, too bad. As long as it doesn't make anything worse or endangers my health. Does it do any of the above?
  3. Hyper pigmentation? Whats that I am only prescribed on it for 4 months (to get it under control). Will i get it? How to prevent hyperpigmentation? Thanks
  4. Thanks. You people are great. Stick together people!
  5. I started getting acne late 16, and still have it mid 17. Im on mino now. When can i expect my acne to go away. What is the usual time to get cured by nature?
  6. I had acne that wasnt too bad. i could cope with it. Then during exams it flared up. I then got my minocycline. I am just stressed that im actually making my acne okay now, and making it worse in a few months. My acne is getting a little little bit better, but i've been on mino for a week and a half. Should i go off it now? Is it too late? Does mino do wonders in beginning, and BAD wonders afterwards when you're immune? Do medications like mino/accutane prolong the time you have acne in your l
  7. I knew people were going to say this. I'll would rather just not say anything anymore.
  8. Thanks for the information. It is really appreciated. I think i will just go for minocycline antibiotics, and then IF and WHEN it does return or become worse, i will go to minocycline. THanks for the help. And lastly, the antibiotics shouldn't do any longterm harm to my body, right?
  9. What do you mean? I didn't say the resonator will make your acne fall off your face. All i am saying is that it might kill the bacteria causing the acne.
  10. Check my post about the Rife Resonator. It is similar, but it has shown good results in many people. Do a search on Rife Resonator.
  11. I am not here to talk you into some nonsense. I have acne, but i went on the Rife Resonator, and it helps alot! It might clear your skin if you use it continually. The best thing about it: Absolutely no side-effects AND no resistance can be built against it. What is the Rife Resonator, it is electric currents that run through your body. Sound bad? It's not. If you know a bit about science you will know that EVERYTHING has some frequency at which it will deteriorate due to resonance. We all kno
  12. PLEASE help. I know its a long story. Just answer my question at the bottom, it will really help me. Thanks in advance! I have mild/moderate acne. I thought i'd nevcer get it, but i did. I am 17 and a half years old. I started getting mild acne 1 year ago. I first tried OTC products like oxy and clearasil. I then went to see a dermatologist. He prescribed zinaret (i think zinc for my face). It kept it under control, but until my recent exams, i got a flare up and i couldnt handle it. I then we