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  1. ya its not a problem. cause i had some days where i had bad migraines and it did not mix well with my prescription for my migraines and i was told it was okay to skip days cause of that
  2. well make sure your still drinkin enough water cause even post tane you still need to drink more water than you did before. Hopefully you are just a little bit dehydrated
  3. ya im starting to get pimples like 1 or 2 a week and im 3 months post tane. the thing is that they go away in like 3 days so its no big deal for me, but sooner or later im gonna have to start using my topical again
  4. If you tried like 3 months of treatment and nothing phases it then the doctor will most likely let you do it.
  5. and accutane is always gonna be in your system even if its very little. Thats part of the reason it keeps you clear. so after about 2 months that youre off you should be fine to do whatever
  6. Ya dont do it dude. If you really want the results and not have any long term effects then dont do it at all till your about 2-3 months off accutane
  7. proactive good for me the first year and it kept it away, but later it made it much worse in the areas i applied it
  8. Your skin is fine. Seriously dont let it control your life. I Mean would you rather have your acne back or would you rather have your Mild pink tone.
  9. Same happened with me i tore muscles and ligaments and my shoulder has permanant damage but the damage isnt really that bad. Just a little sore all the time.
  10. should be glad because of chapped lips cause thats your sign that it is working. Be patient though cause im in my third month and im seeing slow results. You just have to wait for the comedones to come to a head
  11. This drug takes a different toll on every person that takes it. I've been on it for 3 months and each blood test comes back perfect and the same as before which is excellent. Also ask yourself if your family has any past experiences with diabetes or heart problems. Im sorry for what happened but these kind of things happen RARELY.
  12. i got hit by a car while i was running through a crosswalk on accutane and the car was going pretty fast. Surprisingly i walked a way with no Major injuries considering how hard i got hit. I work out everyday so maybe if you work out as well maybe that would help less injury.
  13. ya but then again im doing track and my legs hurt so bad after it.
  14. my derm wrote me a prescription for sotret but the pharmacy was out so they gave me claravis instead but i had to wait 1 week because the ipledge system was messed up and it wouldnt let my derm authorize the prescription