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  1. Thank you guys for the feedback I appreciate it. I canceled my upcoming Microneedling appointment with the Derm so I’m not wasting anymore money, luckily it was on the cheaper side and only 175$ per session but still. I made an appointment with a specialist referred through my PCP and I hope I can get on the right path because I think they looks worse then they actually are, my face is extremely soft and my skin is very good with healing so we’ll see what happens. I just knew something was up be
  2. Hi 26 yr old male and I have no idea what to do anymore about my scars. Had bad acne went on accutane for a year and My dermatologist told me I just needed 3 sessions of microneedling and I’ll be good, well I’ve had probably 8 sessions and I just feel like I’m wasting money at this point if anyone can help me out because my dermatologist obviously can’t just be honest with me and tell me what needs to be done.