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  1. Burning is normal. Expect a lot in the first week or 2. It'll go away.
  2. So um I'm out of Moisturizer right now...but i have a new kit coming in any day now. What can I use for the meantime? Lotion? please reply. Thanks.
  3. Ok..i've been on dans products for about a month now...and i know i should be patient or whatever..but i don't see any good results for me..I'm getting more pimples and it sucks.. i know i need to wait or whatever..but i need a sign to know that it works at least...im so bummed...i hope this isn't another product that i waste money on.
  4. ok so I had a pimple a little bit above my upper lip like a week ago or so..and today at work i sneezed and i realized i had the exact same pimple on the same spot! What the fudge?!! It blows my mind. Cause first..I think pimples under your nose or around your mouth area is nasty. I was so glad it went away a week ago..and now its back..so sad.
  5. dude seriously..you have like 1 or 2 pimples? I'd be super happy if my face was as clear as yours. You have no worries. unlike myself.
  6. Of course you should go. Highschool I think its one of the moments that we should cherish. but thats just me. When you get older and have children...what are you going to tell them? I didn't go to prom cause I thought it was stupid? Go have fun. You don't need to know how to dance if your a guy. Girls basically do all the work. And the lights do get dim..and believe it or not..most of the people you see around you don't know how to dance as well. And the acne shouldn't keep you at home during pr
  7. thanks guys. I tried the vaseline..and it works great. it went away...thanks again.
  8. OK..my eye area is super like dry/red...burns..i dont know if bp's been getting into the area or whatever but it looks weird...i apply moisterizer to it...and it burns like hell...and the look is not quite pretty. like my eyelids are kinda red and the bottom of my eye has a bit of redness to it....what do i do???
  9. After I use the Cleanser..my face is super dry..ive been on the regimen for about 2 weeks now..when i mean dry..i mean really dry!!! any tips or is this normal? plus when im done applying everything...about 4-5 hours later or throughout the day..my eye lids are super dry as well..i apply the moisterizer on it but it gets dry anyway?
  10. wow what a post...i never thought people feel this way about mirrors too. I thought it was just me.. The car mirrors are horrrrrrible. like the side ones to check for cars or whatever. This mirror at work...I never look in that mirror. My bathroom mirror is not bad in the morning..but at night it looks pretty aweful.
  11. Well me I have one under my nose...it freakin hurts. and I think its one of the worse spots to have a pimple. that and anypart of the nose area.
  12. So I have this new pimple under my nose. And it FREAKIN hurts!!!!!!!! I wanna cry cause it looks yucky and it hurts. Anything I can do to reduce it in any kind of way.
  13. move on. thats 1 fish out of many more in the sea. don't let girls get to you. even if u like a chick. go up and tell her so. if she rejects you or what not. then life goes on. simple as that. its not the end of the world ya know?