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  1. when mothers hide their children from you and their fathers run over and put a paperbag on your head.
  2. meh, it's better now. It's now just flaky on each sides of my mouth, probably just because thats the only part of my face that moves a lot. I put some polysporin on it at night and the morning and all the rips were gone
  3. I weigh 157 pounds, and I take 80 mg a day (one at lunch and supper). I used to take 40 mg for the first two weeks. umm i don't know where i'm going here.. you shouldn't worry about your acne coming back for a long awhile, accutane is a pretty severe pill and will smack around those oil glands at even a low dosage.
  4. I had oily skin, then I had accutane. 2 weeks in and i had practically no oil at all and dry ass skin. do the math
  5. my doctor that made me take it.. he was talking about accutane as if it were vitamin c lol. He said he takes accutane every once in awhile to keep away acne. so many you can take accutane, and in awhile when you think it's about to come back... maybe take a few more weeks of it?
  6. i shower every day, and wash my hair every second day. hey, even queer eye for the straight guy show said your hair looks better if you don't wash it for a day or 2. (that was the only time i watched that show )
  7. accutane can keep you clean for up to 1-2+ years, which for a teen, is usually the amount of time for it to go away normally, so after accutane gets out of you, you'll be naturally clear . i've been using accutane for like 7 weeks now, my initial break out was on my chin and the side of my mouth. I had like 2 big zits on my chin, and about 2 smaller ones, then like 3 zits by the side of my mouth. Wasn't all that bad, considering that is probably the one hill you go over, and then it's downhil
  8. i took your suggestions in mind and drilled a hole into my bed nuff said
  9. i don't think you should get all stressed up untill your next meeting with your derm though, shouldn't be too bad. my doctor told me about this night blindess on accutane, he was talking as if it was a common side affect from it.
  10. it's not really my lips actually, they are okay, i use blistex alot, it's just the side of my mouth.
  11. ick, heres an even hotter picture. (may lose your appetite while eating rofl) http://www.uploadimages.net/images/831655P1010213.JPG magnify it for a super detailed picture! horah!