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  1. well I use the finishing dust and I'm very happy about it. i brush on a layer before and after foundation, and my face doesn't get oily at all actually :) just to mention it; if I don't use anything my face looks terrible.. really really awful, it gets all greasy and disgusting I have a little question.. I'm quite happy about the foundation (fairly light neutral intensive), BUT.. I just can't get it to cover my zits and pimples up completely.. on my cheeks the zits look a little bit brownish a
  2. I use a skunk brush which has really spread apart hairs that make for a really light, fluffy feel, the opposite of the flat top. So I would recommend looking for a really fluffy powder brush an just dust on the finishing powder, not buff. oh well i was kinda hoping i was done with shopping makeup-stuff:P but i suppose I'm not :P
  3. well my personal custom kit - full arrived today, i ordered tinted silk dust, finishing dust, flat-top and kabuki, and 2 fairly light neutral in intensive and semi-matte. I love it:D but, how do I apply the finishing powders? i suppose i can use the kabuki or something, have some powder on the brush and just have some on my face? do I buff or what? kinda confused :S
  4. no my face is not that yellow! i messed with some settings.. but it is a little bit red/orange.. but I'm suspecting that it turns red after a few hours... partially because of oil and partially because my cheeks are quite red under the foundation, I think. or maybe it oxidates or something but it looks completely sick with that yellow face
  5. http://s293.photobucket.com/albums/mm46/lo...rent=161116.jpg haha look at my face It's all yellow, but not mye neck? Is the foundation doing it? (for your information I changed some settings on my webcam, what used to be slightly red turned to yellow) should I take this as a sign that this foundation doesnt match:S:S
  6. thanks :D yeah I definitely need another brush, I'm using my mom's almost 20 year old brush that is not meant for MMU, but typical loose powder... and I'm using semi-matte, but I've ordered one semi-matte and one intensive..
  7. what do you think about the color or coverage or anything else? most importantly do u guys think the color matches? on this pic I have been wearing the foundation for 9 hours almost, and I have applied it with a brush that is not meant for MMU.. is it slightly red? and I know my forehead is oily... I have ordered finishing dust, and I'm hoping that will stop the oiling... http://s293.photobucket.com/albums/mm46/lo...nt=DSCN1013.jpg
  8. i recently found out that buff-fairly light neutral makes my skin ... a bit red which is funny, since it's supposed to have "yellowish, brown undertones" edit: if it matters, it happened after 5-6 hours when my skin was shiny/oily on my forehead, and I suspect the redness on my cheeks being caused by my naturally quite red cheeks, and the foundation doesnt really cover absolutely everything
  9. my skin isn't very oily usually, but wearing EM foundation makes my T-zone oily (I havent really used foundation a lot before), but it helped adding another layer of foundation a few hours afterwards. my current formula is semi-matte, and I dont think it's very good at controlling oil. I do not want to use matte formulation, it's just too much I think. does the tinted silk dust add any colour? I've also read that it dries skin a lot and I have a bit dry skin, but my T-zone did get oily... funny
  10. thanks for the tips i might try out sandy fair, but my skin isn't that fair. it''s just a tiny tad too dark when I use fairly light neutral, so i think those other colours will be too fair, so I'll order 32$ kit and fairly light neutral boxes which finishing powder do you recommend? i want it to make my skin look airbrushed, hide my pores and help the makeup stay on longer. it would be really great if it was skinfriendly and could help the little acne I have. I'm thinking: Finishing dust, tinted
  11. hi I'm kinda new to this forum, and I'm having a little question regarding what foundation color to choose I ordered the sample kit and I received the colors: Fairly light neutral, fawn and sunkissed fair. multitasking concealer and weekend getaway (I think its called). my problem is that none of the foundations match my skincolor. fawn was way to yellow and made me look as if I was ill, sunkissed fair was a bit to dark and very... shiny kind of way. fairly light neutral is actually okay. the