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  1. It does not matter whether the magnesium citrate is pure, in a capsule or a powder to be dissolved in water. 2000mg pure magnesium citrate are 300mg "in your body" (=daily intake recommendation) @ halfpipe, I replied to your pm, here is a copy of the pm so that everybody can read it: hey.... I've read those side effects of mangesium citrate too, but it deffo helps me. It seems like it could help with most of the side effects it could cause by itself. For example, a friend of mine suffers from
  2. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant and makes your heart beat faster so the blood is flowing thru the body faster or something. But it's just my personal experience that my skin is more red when I've consumed a Energy drink or anything else that contains caffeine. The same happens if I don't drink enough fluids over the day. The magnesium citrate is no miracle and blushing can have many causes but in my case it helps a lot, it reduces blushing by 60 percent I'd say.... When you blush
  3. Hi, I'm only taking 10mg a day at the moment but I really have the same problems as you. I don't know what to do against becoming red when it's hot or cold, but always moisturize your face well. For the "becoming red when embarrased" thing in my case 2g pure Magnesium Citrate a day helps a lot (equals approx. 300mg magnesium). Also you should drink a lot of caffeine free beverages.
  4. wow the healthcare system of the USA really seems to suck^^ I'm under the age of 18 but where I live every prescription med is fully covered even with a obligatory health insurance.
  5. from germany... the country where mountain dew isn't sold -.- xD
  6. good to hear =) Well I exactly know what you're talking about. Don't refuse to come out, do your best to look ok, and go out with em. Even if you're a boy I would recomend you to use some coverstick and a bit of powder, this let's your skin look a lil bit better (yes I'm male :ninja: ). I try to be happy, and I mange to be, but since i would be a lot happier without acne I'll try everything to get rid of it.
  7. Your skin really is ok. Your face doesn't look terrible. you don't got many pimples, and the scars are not that bad. You could try a tca peel or something, but better aks someone who knows better.
  8. wow, do you really believe something like this that hard? But I must agree, acne shows you if people are very facial, luckily all my friends stayed my friends. ;)
  9. yeah thats right, my B5 for example is time release.
  10. Oh, now THAT'S really smart: be sure and try to swallow 15-25 pills at once, and take a chance that they might get caught or lodged in your throat, causing you to choke to death! BE SMART about this, for God's sake. USE YOUR HEAD: just chew-up your tablets and capsules the same way you do your other food, and then swallow them. .
  11. Deep inside I exactly know that you're right. But acne makes my life so much worse. I don't bother taking the risk to do sth bad to my body just to attempt to help my skin. I'm 15 years old and want my "old" life back before it is too late, so I'm doing anything possible for this... I really know much about eating healthy, and believe me, I've done it a long time (lost over 40 lbs) but this just doesn't treat or cure acne in my case. My parents don't allow me to go on accutane, so I search for
  12. Have eaten 3 sausages a few minutes ago. Here new sausages came on the market which actually only have 2 percent fat and one has only 45 calories o.0 Don't let acne destroy everything you like I mean even if they're bad, you can eat them rarely.
  13. I don't have a problem with that, and I've been taking between 40 and 60 pills the last 2 months. Now I'm taking 50^^ Some of them are big, especially B5... But I can swallow 15-25 pills at once (seriously), so thats no big deal Before I had acne I took ZERO pills a day and felt quite healthy, at the moment I see them as a treatment. I won't take them longer than a few months, and after this time I'll only take a A-Z complex and Zinc, thats really enough
  14. May you should add some vitamine A and E and Zinc. This may doesn't help that much, but people with acne got less vit. a and e in their blood plasma than other ppl, so it's worth a try. Zinc promotes wound healing and is good for the imune system. I've been taking zinc for 4 months now, and I never got really ill in this time =)