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  1. Not really helpful for already permanently damaged skin like ours though? :(
  2. Is anyone willing to buy verteporfin and try it on themselves? I kinda want to but am a afraid it will go very wrong.
  3. I think the main concern here is getting rid of scars.
  4. Theres defo ppl out there that would try it. Everyone that has acne scars especially severe ones can’t wait to get their hands on some verteporfin. The thing is they need to do it properly.
  5. Does anyone know how this would work for acne scars? How would they go about healing a whole area like the cheek, using this method if it works that is?
  6. Me and NagarNikku_ would really appreciate if we could get everyone who is interested in this research project for a possible cure for acne scars, to contact the lead researchers and any other members involved in this project, regrding acne scarring. We would really appreciate it as the more emails they get flooding in regarding the issue we are all being handicapped by, the more they can take acne scarring seriously and help us to find a way out of this hell-hole. Thanks to everyone who has the
  7. Sweet Potato is high in vitamins. Drink fresh carrot juice for natural vitamin A replenishment. This is for alcohol induced liver injury. Accutane provides Vitamin A toxicity injury to the liver which is different as it impacts other areas of the body such as the digestive system aswell. Usually, hormones are not to blame for acne. Acne is caused by toxins in the body and gut dysbiosis. Fix these issues with a strict healthy diet (no sugar, wholemeal grains, no processed foods, no
  8. Accutane is basically treated like a toxin and is stored in the liver as toxins. This wreaks havoc on your body and a sluggish liver is the main root to many health problems. I myself for one am having trouble with healing problems (shaving legs for example, I bleed really easily more than before) hair loss, excessive hair growth on body, belching, depression (this is more because of the scarring that my acne left me), halitosis (bad breath) and waking up randomly in the middle of the night at 3
  9. I was going through before and afters of acne scar treatments and personally I find the results quite underwhelming. I don’t really believe in percentage improvement as lighting plays a big role in how severe the scars look. (Indoor lighting is so much better than outdoor daylight for example.) I don’t know if I will ever accept the fact that I have acne scarring even after treatments. I have yet to see an excellent result.
  10. Can you explain please? Should I use it after RF microneedling to boost healing?
  11. Have a look at medical medium run by Anthony William. Basically people jave toxicity which is pssed down from parents to children in the form of unhealthy gut bacteria etc. Acne is caused by strep overload in the gut.
  12. Does anyone know where I can get dermal grafts/stem cell fillers for acne scarring in Europe or preferrably the UK as I am really in a ceasepool of depression right now. I need help.