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  1. Do you have any before/after pics? What percentage improvsl would you say works for subcision+filler/punch excision
  2. Did you go through any of these procedures yourself? Would I be able to see what you have experienced while using these procedures? I’ve heard that sometimes TCa cross doesn’t work at all.
  3. For the largw boxcar scars that I’m mostly worried about, would you reccommend subcision or punch excision? What results should I expect? Would it improve my skin much? I’m hoping to do laser after that then to smoothen things out. However my derm is telling me to do 3 sessions of dermarolling followed by three of laser? I dont know if his approach is good to be quite frank.
  4. Shelly399


    I wouldnt say theyre that deep. A few sessions of Co2 laser can do the trick
  5. Can you get dermal grafting done at a normal derm’s clinic?
  6. How deep would you say these scars are? Do you think there is much hope for much improvement? Obviously it won’t go back to fully smooth.
  7. I have these very deep and ugly scne scars from having cystic acne starting from the year 2018. I’m mostly clear now with a few breakouts here and there. I just want to feel better about myself as I have become so depressed because of this. I used to be so hapoy before and then my life just went downhill after getting terrible skin. Its bad enough to deal with cysts but now I have the scars to remind myself of the trauma. All derms I have been to look at me with pity and I feel like I will never