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  1. I now know what caused my spontaneus scarring. It was the cream Terproline. I am 100% sure of this. I have done test patches on my forehead a few times and I have always gotten a shallow linear scar. My brother who also used the cream, he also got the same kind of scarring. I did a few posts about my scaring like 7-8 years ago in this thread. You can find a few pictures of the scars i believe also.
  2. Ok so I thought that I would give weight training a chance(havent scarred for 3 months since stopping my weight training) so I went to the gym yesterday and worked out pretty hard(squats etc)...And today I woke up with a pretty deep scar:(..Its unfuckingbelievable, I dont understand how this scar process works...But Im pretty sure that the combination of flushing when weight training and the immune system being supressed by the weight training that give the result of scars..Its very weird tho..I
  3. The scarring has finally stopped!!!!!!!! Thank god!!! I never thought this misery was going to stop...And I think I now know why I scarred..I noticed a pattern that I didnt scar to much when I hadn't done any weight training. So 2 months back I stopped doing any weight training and VOILA no more scarring! I dont know how long I must stay away from the weight training but Im thinking about trying to weight train here soon to see If I scar..I really love to weight train so I hope its ok Im so hap
  4. I actually had light seborric dermatatis before I got the scarring...I got it when I was working night shift in norway for about 8 months..Think something happened to my body after that. These days I need to pee every night and also I wake up sometimes that my right hand has fallen asleep...I dont really have joint pain but but my left wrist doesnt feel good....
  5. Seriously relaze!!! Stop worrying about YOUR ONE SCAR! If you get another scar out of nowhere, then you can maybe start worrying a little bit. Until then start living your life and one scar is nothing to care about. Btw yes I actually had light seborric dermatatis for a while, but not any more...Do have this? Iloveuk...My brother also did some dermarolling on his face a few months ago and then he got this weird really dry skin for like 2 days and then he also got these strange scars!!! But he
  6. Dermarolling has given me a reddish tone where I have had the dermarolling performed and I also got amvc from dermarolling. AMVC is spontaneously formed scars out of nowhere..I dont think it is common, maybe 1 out of 500 patients can get this I dont know, the only thing i know is that 3 days after my last dermaroll this amvc hell started. I'm also more prone to blush these days, dont know if it was the n-lite or the dermarolling which gave me it, but one of those...
  7. For me its nothing about light sensitivity, since I started working at a golf course the 12th of april and I had scarred even before that and didnt notice an increase when I started working there. I dont use sunscreen often...Before and after the start of the amvc I ate quite a lot spinach(high in vit a) and a multivitamin with vit a in it and c. I also supplemented with vit c tablet so I got 200% a day, not including the c in the food intake. Maybe the high doses of vit a and c could have contr
  8. Have you tried taking an antihistamine? Yes for about a week then I scarred anyway...I even bought the uk brand you and lamarr mentioned...Mirtazipine works a little bit like an antihistamine...Maybe I schould try it again I dont know. Im pretty fed up with this.
  9. Ilove uk..I also have a few questions..Before getting the scars did you do anything particular?? Like some kind of treatment of anything else that could be bad for the body?? Have you been on accutane?
  10. Yes my face is also very light sensitive..If i'm out in the sun and its very warm my face gets very easily red especially around my eyes...Iike when I concetrate hard or get embarrased I get quite red..Like the times when I have been at the different doctors office I usually get very red because i get so upset talking about the amvc. The best recomendation I gave give you is to only wash your face with water, anything else makes the amvc worse..But if you must use make up, I guess a facial wash
  11. Iloveuk, please tell how your test results end up! I have been dealing with these amvc scars since the end of Januari, and they still keep on coming! I have gotten like 23 scars that you can see quite well, and maybe 13 that you must look very closely. As you can understand Im very depressed at the moment, nothing seems to work. I recently saw a dermatologist at the top hospital here in Gothenburg, and she had never heard about it and she actually came with a piece of papper that she had printed
  12. Your skin dont have that many scars, althou you have large pores. Your skin is quite similiar to mine, maybe you have a little bit larger pores....Its tough to have large pores i know, but they can be tigted up with for example a facial scrub. And yes your skin seems dry at the moment because of accutane I guess...My skin also looked quite bad on accutane, but i promise it will get better after you are finished with accutane. Your face would like real good with a tan...Dont you live in austral
  13. Seriously what the fuck is your problem?? You have like 3 scars totally..You dont have anything to worry about.. Im sorry..I get so pissef when I see people complain on a problem they dont have... You have great skin tone also, you have it all..dont do anything stupid