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  1. I know this is silly, but i have been wondering if there is any way to lighten eyebrows.....preferably without having to use dye. Anyone know of a way to do this that isn't overly risky?
  2. I have tried so many prescription and topical treatments that i have about given up hope of ever finding one that really does any good. Lately I have been reading about the zenmed Derma Cleanse system and was wondering if anyone here has tried it or has any opinions...especially about their acne treatment capsules? Does anyone know if they really work or are they just another gimmick? Also does anyone know if there are there any other over the counter capsules that would be better?
  3. Does anyone know of a good lotion that wont make my already acne infected skin break out more? I have acne....but the weird thing about it is that my skin is more dry and flaky than it is oily. I have tried quite a few different types of lotions and jojoba oil, but they only seemed to make things worse. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Most treatments tend to make my acne worse also. I quit using most extra products on my skin a couple of weeks ago and I think that it is helping.
  5. Does anyone know of a lotion, or any kind of at-home treatment that would help to even out skin with pitted acne scars? While my scars are not that terrible unless they are in certain lighting, I would love to know of any product that might help to smooth them out. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  6. Thanks guys! I will check those out. One thing that I have thought about doing is mixing up my own concoction of lotion and tea tree oil.
  7. Hello new friend! Can I pick up that dog in your avatar and give it a kiss on the head lol

  8. I have been doing a lot of ready lately about the effects of tea tree oil on acne. Some experts say that it can have the same effect as BP without any of the annoying side-effects. Does anyone on here know of a good lotion or any kind of facial product that includes tea tree oil as an ingredient?
  9. Just make sure it's not your boss that you do that to! :surprised: I am sure that everyone at your new job has had acne at some point in their lives. The workplace is also totally different from the way things are in school/college. Co-workers usually pay a lot more attention to the way you act and the jobs you do than how you look. Hope that things work out great for you!
  10. It just seems like nothing has been going right in my life lately. This morning, I started crying in front of a family member and just couldn't stop. I have had acne for so long that I am used to it, but it sure doesn't help matters any. Anyways, I don't usually go on rants like this!....hopefully things will be better tomorrow. What do you guys do at those moments when life seems absolutely hopeless and terrible? I try to listen to uplifting music and keep my mind busy with things lik
  11. Thanks everyone! I have tried quite a few BP solutions - both the prescription kind that's mixed with clindamycin, and the over the counter kinds. The last kind that I tried was Neutrogena 2.5% It made my skin extremely itchy and irritated even if I used just a small amount. I thought that maybe my skin needed to get accustomed to it so I used it for about a week. This was not a very smart idea! With each day my face got more and more irritated until I finally couldn't stand using it any
  12. Actually I haven't had very many people say mean things about my acne. But there was one incident that happened a few years ago that I will never forget. I was walking though an outdoor fair along with several friends and my family when this guy (he was a caricature artist) yelled out that he could draw a picture of me without any zits. It would've been mean enough if he had just yelled it without anything to amplify his voice, but no....he had to be using a megaphone too so that everyone hea