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  1. My acne and ingrown hairs never heal properly. Whether its an ingrown hair or acne, most of the time it leaves behind a slightly inflamed red mark that takes weeks if not months to disappear. And a lot of the time these inflamed red marks will become active pimples again after some time which starts the healing process all over again. I think its just my body, maybe internally, just not healing properly. Does anyone else have this problem. Is there a certain supplement I can take or something to
  2. I just had my first series of fraxel done yesterday. My current regimen is sulfacetamide sodium (klaron) in the morning and differin at night. I know I can't use the differin for about 2 weeks, but what about the klaron. It isn't a retinoid and has been keeping me clear. I also have been using biafine for red marks but heard its good for post fraxel too. What do you think? Can I continue with the klaron and biafine?
  3. Hi Tom, I've been getting Fraxel Restore at Lahey Clinic in Lexington. As you know, Lahey has an excellent reputation across the medical spectrum, so I feel confident going there for my treatments (they actually have a Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery). They were offering a special package for a while: 3 full-face treatments for $2592, or around $850 per treatment. Much better than the place you went to in Chestnut Hill! Anyways, I would look into Lahey; it's your face and you should
  4. Hi....I'm looking into getting fraxel but don't want to spend crazy amounts of money. I went to Skin Care Physicians in Chesnut Hill, MA and they charge $1500 full face per treatment. I know its crazy. Who has had fraxel done in MA? By who and how much?
  5. I've heard great things about both. Which have you had better results with?
  6. My face is an absolute mess from a huge breakout last year. Rolling scars, icepicks, scarred pores all over, box scars and wrinkles. I need a dermatologist in MA that treats scars....laser, tca, etc. Does anyone know any Massachusetts dermatologist or doctors that treat scarring? PLEASE HELP
  7. I was just prescribed this today. I'm hearing great things. Anyways, should I just simply apply a thin layer or rub it in?
  8. You sound like your on the fast track to clear skin. I live in MA too and have moderate acne. I want to go on accutane but don't want to end up going to a derm that wont prescribe it. What derm did you go to and wheres he/she located? Also, how long did you have to wait to see your derm?
  9. So how is it going? Are your blackheads completely gone?
  10. I'm looking for a natural remedy for dry skin. Will jojoba oil mess up your face's ph balance or acid mantle?
  11. I'm about 2 weeks in and I've had the same results with the dried/dead skin sticking out of the pores. After a while it has substantially gone away though. I also used Jojoba oil a few times which is kinda cheating on this regimen but it actually unclogged and purged the dried sebum in 2 days and I have no more of it. It really saved me. I'll probably continue to use it occasionally at night but stick to water or no washing on the other days and see how it goes. I still have some marks/scars but
  12. Hey, I was just curious if your flakes finally subsided. I'm on Day 44 and I still have major flakeage and dead skin, but I only splash water every 5 days or so.

  13. I'm on day 19 and have not used water once. The only breakouts I get now are around my mouth, but heal within a day. However, the flakes and scab-like spots are out of control. I have big patches of flakes that cover the areas under my eyes and next to my nose. I also have scab-like spots on my forehead. The flakes I have are not small flakes that can be easily wiped off. They are fairly big and almost stuck to my face. I would have to pick them off. And if I do pick it off, there is like a red
  14. So since splashing water on your face after the first week or so, water hasn't touched your face since? Also, can you post some pics to show the severity of your flakes?
  15. I'm on day 3 and my face literally looks diseased. There are big rash-like, almost scaly spots on my face and on some of my red marks. The breakouts I had and have gotten(only a few) the past couple days are dried up and look really nasty. This is prolly the worst my face has ever looked. I think and hope my face is just healing. Is this normal?