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  1. So had my interview today, thought it went really well...managed to forget about my skin thankfully. They phoned me up and said they really liked me, but they were goin for a guy with more experience! Never mind...managed to get a different job starting next monday
  2. Thanks for the reassurance, its much appreciated Luckily its not quite as bad as it was 2 days ago, but its still pretty obvious lol. Ur right, confidence is the key! Oh yea, and finding out how to get to the place where the interview is lol. I'll let u know how i get on.
  3. I agree bath's in the dark with the radio on are good for me. Apart from that just been home alone, on the sofa watching a dvd!
  4. Cheers mate, its good to hear it didnt stop you gettin the job. I think the battle is with myself, i know i just need to act confident and do my best. If i get it, it doesnt start for 2 weeks so plenty of time for it to clear up! (fingers crossed).
  5. Ive not been around here as much recently for a couple of reasons, firstly i didnt have a working computer and secondly my skin thank goodness had been a lot better. I felt like i was finally getting my life back in order, and regaining some confidence. I've got an interview on monday for a new job and what goes and happens, massive cyst inbetween my eyebrows, to make matters worse ive been picking (cant help it when im half asleep in bed). I feel so low i feel almost physically sick, i dont kno
  6. If you're not presently adjusting to any new acne treatments (BP or others), then you can go ahead and start with the AHA now. Just be careful not to use too much. Thanks a lot for the response, i really appreciate it. I think i'll order some and try just using a bit at a time, might just try my forehead first, it seems to be less irritable! Thanks again
  7. Hey I wonder if you guys could clear something up for me (apart from my skin lol). It says on the AHA product info that its not for use at the start of the regimen. Can someone tell me why this is? I currently dont use BP, just cleanse and moisturise. Would it irritate my skin if its not use to BP? I'd really appreciate any info on this.
  8. I've got the same thing mate, sleep and water do help but if its something ur born with u wont get rid of them permanently, the best thing to is use a concealer either liquid or get a camoflauge stick. Check this video out for advice on how to do it http://www.videojug.com/film/make-up-tips-...ply-eye-make-up
  9. Good luck mate, i think sometimes keeping things simple is the best way. Keep it as nature intended it. I'm hoping it'll clear up in the next year or two but thats not much comfort at the moment lol.
  10. Hey, Im goin through a similar thing, I had mild/moderate acne as a teen which mostly cleared up around the age of 20/21. I thought finally it had gone. Im just about to turn 23 now and it has come back, but slightly different. I didn use to really suffer from blackheads but now i get them as well as the usual whiteheads and inflamed red spots. Plus im gettin them in weird places like under my eyebrows. I also have got dry flaky skin and my scalp itches like a mutha too. I think its harder to d
  11. I wrote this a few months back when i was feeling down about how i looked. OFFICIAL SUBMISSION sounds like a wrestling move...lol Dysmorphia Stolen years you brought with anxiety and pain, Broken dreams and tear drops you caused by the shame. A longing to be accepted, made impossible by your grasp, A prayer at my bedside that tomorrow would be the last. Hurt inside kept hidden from view, Perhaps someone could've saved me if they only knew. Instead I battled on, foolhardy and nieve,
  12. Lol thanks guys. xkatiex, coffeejunkie, christina, you're all stunning...10/10
  13. Hmm, doesn't work... Lol ok one more try, then off for some computer lessons...
  14. This was on a good day a year or so ago... P.s. im useless with computers so this probably hasnt even worked lol lol i was right, copy and paste...if ur interested