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  1. Hi guys ive been on roacutane for about 3 months and to start my skin was preety fine just some acne on my chest which is harder to get rid off as acne gets harder to get rid off the lower it is. Now 3 months later i have preety much perfect face and chest only a couple im wondering if there are any other ways except roacutane to clear acne/acne scars and i dont mean creams or anything i mean like maybe laser surgery and can that be as effective and roacutane i dont care about the cost but does
  2. oops just noticed the photo failed does anyone know how to add the photo lol
  3. I have pics here will do more later
  4. Hi guys the names Aaron from Sydney Australia been on roacutane now for 3 weeks i have quite sever acne on my chest and back and this is what it is for my face is okay but could be better just a spot here and there what my derm has got me on is Taking 3 20mg one day and 2 20mg the next day also with the roacutane taking 2 e-mycin tablets so preety much for breakfast 1-2 x Roacutane + 1 E-Mycin and dinner 1 roacutane + 1 E-Mycin aso my derm has got me to use clindamycin in 1% cetaphil lotion 3
  5. Hi guys i have really bad chest acne and mild back acne i have an apointment to see a dermatoligist on the 17th of November in the interim is there anything tropical creams that i could use or any ideas of things that can calm it down or help before i meet the dermatolgist next month?
  6. TBH yes Accutane is hard on your liver but im sure one night of extreme trashyness will not do you any harm. I doubt you will have any complications our bodies can actually handle quite alot of traumas.
  7. dam but i wanna be brown this summer sux to be me.
  8. I was under the impression that the tablet Erythromycin and the cream Retin-A would make my skin very sensitive to sun and when i asked him if i could still go beach and tan he said that would be fine because there both not sensitisers is this hopefully true?
  9. The dermatologists recomended Retin-A cream and Erythromocyn im optimistic and hope it works but its summer and i wanna go beach and get a tan can i still tan while on these products and whats everyones experience using this tropical and oral treatment?
  10. Ah coolies thanks for that its near summer in aus right now so does tanning and putting moustriser after tanning cause acne
  11. Hey guys well i have been using some products Called Cosmetix "Aspect" i was using there the Cleanser Purastat 5 then i used there Serums the Jungle Brew,Extreme C 20, Exfol L 15 and Retinol Brulee anyway anyway anyway doubt any of you have heard of them b4? I stopped using them 3 weeks ago because there was no real significant change and my face was really bad the strangest thing is now 3 weeks later my acne is fading like my face looks neally clear this has confused me as to should i buy so
  12. Hey guys i live in Sydney and im just wondering if anyone knowns a dermo thats open on weekends because by the time i get home from work there all closed i have really bad acne/scars on my chest and really need to see them asap
  13. Thanks for your inputs but im going to be completley honest i have followed my roaccutane regime for the 3 months i have been on it very strictly havnt been out in aggges so im going to do it anyway and hopefully there wont be too much drama