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  1. I know what you're thinking --"natural isn't going to do anything for these acne scars I've had for years, I need laser, chemical peels, etc", but hear me out. Two months ago I went to a medical spa and asked about their options for my acne scarring (I had cystic acne for 10 years and most of that time did not moisturize my face because I didn't know any better, leading to a lot of acne scarring on both sides of my cheeks), to which the nurse recommended I get several laser treatments. When
  2. Hi Starlite, My response may not matter to you since I don't have actual experience with lasers, but I would encourage you to try a natural, much more economic product before you spend the big bucks on laser. Two months ago, I was just about to start saving for laser, when I figured I would do one last search online for any other methods for my acne scarring. There was a little blue bottle that kept popping up in my search, and finally, I decided to just look at the reviews for it. After se
  3. Before you shell out the money, I'd strongly encourage you to try a 3rd option. It's a gentle peel called "Pitted Scar Removal Peel with Hyaluronic Acid" on devotedthings. I started using it about 2 months ago and it has greatly improved my acne scars. The website has legitimate before and after pictures (mine will be uploaded this week I think) so you can see for yourself! I was about to start saving for laser 2 months ago and decided to try this out just in case (it is so much cheaper to buy t