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  1. Hi love, i feel your pain, I too suffer from left over acne scarring on both cheeks that is left over from years of cystic hormonal acne. I am working closely with a dermatologist who specializes in acne scar treatment. She had a treatment plan laid out for me. I have mostly boxcar scarring (deep and shallow box type scars) and ice pick scars (these I was told are more difficult to treat) she wants to start me out with an ablative co2 laser to target the deep and shallow box car s
  2. thanks so much for your comment and the information. Do you think my scars are too deep for lasers?? I don’t really have a frame of reference, I’ve never seen anyone with scarring like mine. I was told it’s going to be very hard to treat because it’s Ice pick and boxcar all tethered together. yeah the microneedling made my skin look great, nice and puffed up for a few months. Once that wore off though I felt like I was right back to where I started minus all the red scarring.
  3. Hi everyone, the photos you see were taken in natural lighting aka the WORST lighting other than overhead lights that make my scars light up like it’s Christmas lol. I suffer from the aftermath of severe cystic hormonal acne that I battled with for many years in my teens. Being the dumb invincible teenage that I was, I didn’t realize what my future face was going to look like by neglecting to get proper treatment and picking at my skin. I am currently using topical clynd