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  1. is that a norwegian forest cat?

    it looks cute =]

  2. Patient Education BENZOYL PEROXIDE - TOPICAL IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a summary and does not contain all possible information about this product. For complete information about this product or your specific health needs, ask your health care professional. Always seek the advice of your health care professional if you have any questions about this product or your medical condition. This information is not intended as individual medical advice and does not substitute for the knowledge and judgm
  3. Ok boys, the only thing PROVEN to cause acne is Iodine. That such has been found in shrimp. If acne is a hormonal thing for you, then maybe...maybe when you are stimulated your hormones react, and can release excess glands. This is really only an excuse in your early teens. Other then that, it may be due to the sweat if you do it hardcore, or the stress and worry while you're trying to relax, afraid you might get 'caught'. If your skin is sensitive and all, the opening of your testosterone mig
  4. Acne comes from deep down in the skin, to the blood level, even, so benzoyl peroxide and other acne face products tend to treat just that, the surface. For example, plant a seed in the dirt, the seed wakens and puts out it's roots, while nothing happens on the surface until the roots are well to do. Then it pops out of the surface, you cut what came out, the roots are still there, they are still going to grow Slowly, and VERY slowly, the weedkillers go down into the roots, and with each pluck
  5. Since the current FAQ was last updated in 2006, and by a member in the UK, I thought I would add my own info that might update the North American visitors to this interested in this drug. Credits -My sister - Who gave me access to her US nurse only login So this first, I share; Dosage and Uses Adult Min/Max Dose: 173.0mg/1.73m2/432.5mg/1.73m2 Pediatric Min/Max Dose: 173.0mg/1.73m2/432.5mg/1.73m2 Common Dosages by Indication: Severe Recalcitrant Nodular Acne take 1 capsule (10 mg) by oral
  6. My guess is that they related it's sensitivities to the sun, and the sun causes cancer @[email protected] I am guessing this is related to melanoma tests, were any specifics given? Those using products specifically made for acne treatment usually say to stay out of the sun, since your skin is already sensitive enough as it is. Shave a rat, douse it in BP and toss it out in the sun for a few days, of course it's going to get cancer, it's immune system isn't the same as ours. Seriously, I wish I knew what pe
  7. For me, I think it's about the same. I was in grade 5. I got that part of the puberty thing, but not the 'womanly' part until I was like 13 or 14, so it was a huge annoyance. I basically suffered until I was 26 until got a good dermatologist who helped me out, instead of failed attempts at treatment from my family doctor.
  8. I was the first kid in my grade five class to have acne. And because of it, the kids shunned me, I was a total 'loser' and the one that no one wanted to be friends with, the one that no one wanted to talk to or even stand in line next to, the kid who used to poo his pants daily was higher up on the social list then me. Once elementary was done, I was happy, maybe I would have friends in jr.high, and I went, and was still made fun of because most of my elementary peers went there too. So I went