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  1. Also buy healthy foods. They might help him too. ()
  2. WOW! This is one ofthe most clever things I have ever read. Seriously!
  3. I have a twin brother, one-egged twins. People say that we look a lot like eachother, people who does not know both of us makes mistakes with our names all the time... I never have trouble telling which one i am though... When I started getting acne, he was pretty much clear. My acne got so bad that I went to the doctor, and my brother stayed pretty clear. Later, my brother started getting acne. We both have acne now, but the our acne is not the same... not at all. I mostly get whiteheads and
  4. I do this, and i actually think it is helping my acne I dont use anything other at the moment.. When i shower, i wash my face- That is ca. every 2 days. I swim once a week and the days after my skin always gets worse But i think this saliva thing is helping!
  5. Heh yeah, but as with everything else, do not overdo it
  6. Dude, scientists have found that coconut oil is not all that it is cracked up to be! Check out this link: And besides, Coconut oil is ca. 90% saturated fats, and too much saturated fat can lead to arteriosclerosis. I would not recommend people to eat 2-4 spoons coconut oil since it is 90% saturated fats. go for unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats instead, they are good for you... But remember not to eat too much, after all, we are talking about fat. The link tried to escape, but i caught
  7. I have only been on the regimen for two days, but the moisterizer is burning my face. Even 4 hours after i apply it my face is stille burning. What should i do? Is this normal? has anyone else tried this?