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  1. SaraJJ, Could you possbily give us a little more insight on the how you felt the procedure went, and well as the doctor. Maybe how much it cost per punch, and how the recovery was. Thanks!
  2. It has definitaly come down since I've been applying the BP. It is red around the around from the BP, so I'm going to stop the BP for today and just add some neosporin over it all. But now it has a kind of hard little top to it,...kinda like a scab. Do I do anything with this? Or will it fall off on it's own, or soften?
  3. I believe I have a pustule, or one hell of a whitehead. And I was wondering, is it good to squeeze out the white stuff? Or is better to just keep applying Benzol Peroxide to it and leave it alone? What is the correct method to deal with it? Thanks!
  4. Just looking for anyone to share their experience with it. Particularly the MiXto SX Micro Fractional Laser.
  5. Effu, Do you have any Before and After Pics? How long is your downtime after each treatment? Basically, how long till you feel comfortable going out? Thanks!
  6. Where did you have it professionally done, and how do you like the outcome?
  7. I'm looking into different places for acne scar treatment. Has anyone had ANY experience with these 2 Places? 1. http://www.centerforderm.com/ 2. http://www.californiaskininstitute.com/index.html If there are any other places that you recommend, please let me know. Thanks!
  8. I'm actually still looking for a dermatologist that I like. I've been to a couple,...but still haven't found one that I am comfortable with. Do you like yours?
  9. That sounds great, please keep us informed on how it's going. Is this procedure common with skin care clinics? I see that sometimes they have the TCA Peel, but do places do the TCA cross as well?
  10. I'm curious about this too. I'm considering this technique, and it would be great to find someone good around the Bay Area.
  11. I have a couple of questions, and I'm sorry if you have already answered them in prior posts. 1. It seems that the silicone is great for the saucer shaped scars, but does it work on ice pick or box scars as well? 2. Will it work well with other procedures,...for instance would it be OK to get a Fraxel pass after the injections? 3. How quick are the results? Does it take several days, weeks, to see the results from the injections? 4. How many scars can be treated in one sitting? Thank
  12. out of curiosity, what type of wonders has it done? How bad was your scarring, and how is your skin reacting to the fraxel? Has it helped with the tone, texture, rolling scars etc. Any before or after pics would be appreciated. Thanks, and congrats!
  13. Nobody here as undergone Punch/Float grafts? I thought this procedure would be a more common one.
  14. Has anyone gone through having punch grafts done? Could you please post you experience with it. I was told that punch grafts would help my scars the most. Thank you.
  15. Do you have to go through a Dermatologist to pick up Retin-A. Or is it something that I can pick up without a prescription?