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  1. So for the most part it’s clearing up just dry scans looks like is left I used 10% benzoyl peroxide cleanser and then a regular shampoo. I’m assuming it was bacteria then and not fungal.
  2. Thank you guys I have gone ahead an bought some tea tree oil shampoo and a 10% benzoyl peroxide cleanser that I will use on my scalp I believe it is follucitis after I did some research apparently benzoyl peroxide works for that, I have also ordered the spray Elaine recommended I will see if this works and post an update if I’m cleared up thanks to everyone for input.
  3. Thanks Elaine is there anything over the counter or online that I could just buy instead of buying and mixing thing.
  4. helllo so looks like I’m getting pimples and zits on the back of my scalp and only there i noticed it about a week ago and tried to fox it I changed my pillow case weekly and started shampooing daily now however It’s gotten much worse has anyone had any remedies or something that can help clear this.
  5. Hello does anyone else suffer from scalp acne it’s only on the back of my head it’s getting worse it seems the more I try and fix it. So far I’ve changed my pillow case weekly and shampoo and conditioner every day but I think it’s getting worse now anyone have any solutions