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  1. Uff Sixth month and I'm still not clear... hope it will work well when the course it's finished... I'm not that much satisfied, of course it has improved my acne, but I expected a lot more . Well, life goes on anyway ..
  2. I'm 21, having acne since... mm.. late 19. Hopefully I'll grow out of it near the 25 years. The usual "growing out time" is 25 for males and 30 for females, as I know.
  3. Well theres 2 things that are true if you have acne and start uni. 1. Some people are extremely superficial and yes there were some people who couldn't look past my acne. 2. You can forget about girls. My social life was dire for the first 4-5 months. It actually took me a while to find people who were on my course who didn't care what my skin looked like and could see me for who I am on the inside. I could definitely tell that my acne did bother some people though. I used to be worried that p
  4. Hi. I'm now on my 6th month of accutane (still 45 days to do) and now my acne has improved alot. BUT i'm noticing some breakouts (sometimes quite big) in parts where i actually never had acne before accutane. Could this be a consequence of the fact that i'm not moisturizing my skin? (It's quite dry, but i like it, and it isn't painful or whatever). I actually get them in my upper cheecks near the nose. Please tell me, i need an answer, today i had a bad day and i'm quite worried Thanks in adv
  5. Hi. I've nearly finished my course of accutane (5 months done, 1 still to do). I am basically clear (not a single pimple) BUT (strangely) i have still many closed comedones on my chest Is it normal that accutane didn't clear them? While they are almost invisible by other (they can be seen only in certain lighting and from short distance) they are quite worrying because they make my skin rough . Ok, I know this isn't a great problem, but fuck, i have cleared all pimples, now, if possible, i j
  6. Hi. I was reading the information booklet that comes with accutane ( sorry, don't knot how to describe it well, i'm italian ), and it says that improvements can be seen in the following 2-months after finishing the course.. I was wondering if someone of you who have finished can confirm this Thx in advance
  7. In my opinion. accutane, the only thing that seems to work well
  8. If they are only red marks and not scars, i think time is supposed to make them disappear. After you finish taking accutane skin healing will return to its normal state in a few months. And, after waiting at least 2 month (necessary to the skin the re-develop its uppermost layers), be sure to go to the beach and tan yourself, photo-rechange will make them disappear fastly. (At least my doc said that to me, i have still one month of accutane to do). Good luck
  9. Well, i've chosen YES, because it has certainly improved greatly my acne, BUT, still, it has not cleared me completely (week 18), so I'm a bit frustrated, but well, i have still 6 weeks to do, time will tell. However I didn't experience any serious side effect, i' ve only the common dry lips and skin (not dry as i expected, as i still do not use any moisturizer, only a stick for lips) . Ah, i think i flush more easily, and my hair are a bit more curly, probably because they are very dry, but thi
  10. Hi. Being on accutane and having dry skin, i am looking for information about vit E. So, what is a normal amount to take daily? And how is it to be taken? Ia a pill, cream, or so on? Sorry for my ignorance :ph34r:
  11. Hi. I am italian so i have some problems in finding cetaphil moisturizer. I found this product, anyone know if it works well? thx And btw. what is the specific name of cetaphil moisturizer? I'll try to order it if i can. Thank you another time.
  12. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The total dose, that is, the total amount taken over the whole treatment period should be not less than 120mg per kg of body weight for long lasting benefit. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I saw this statement on another site. I wonder if it's true. I just finished my forth month and i'm 95% clear, hopefully 100 will arrive on the fifth. But, being my