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  1. How is it working out for you? do you think it helps fade red marks? Do you think it heals pimples quicker? tell me your thoughts on the product. thanks
  2. How is it working for you? Do you think it helps fade red marks and heal spots quicker? Do you think it makes peels more effective? thanks
  3. cos ordering from america takes longer than ordering from UK. Dumbasses.
  4. Where did u buy your manuka oil from? thanks
  5. Has anyone tried this and been successful, i remember reading about someone who did it using lactic acid and worked and wondered if anyone else has tried it
  6. i have both products lactic acid 55% and glycolic 30% and 50% and want to know what everyone thinks or stories about each product if they have tried it and been successful etc. Basically this is to get rid of red marks, stubborn bastards! thanks
  7. forgot to add that im on the regimen so im using bp twice a day so could this be slowing the healing of the lump down?
  8. About a month ago i squeezed what i thought was a spot but nothing came out and it developed into a big lump. after a few days a scab formed on it, few days after that it came off but the lump was still there. ive left the lump up until now, you cant really notice it but cant feel it when i run my finger over it. its under the skin its gone down alot but i want to get rid of it. what can i do? cant squeeze it cos nothing really to squeeze. should i just leave it? ive had a lump before on my jaw
  9. but that was just me it might be ok for you. i had prepared myself for 3 weeks dowtime max. i started on the 5th july, started peeling by the 9th and was completely peeled by the 14th. however i had two big red patches where the peel has come oiff prematurely. this is when i started to shit myself thinking i had ruined my face and wish i had just left alone. it took two weeks for the patches to die down and then i had an outbreak, was kind of expecting one. it has helped my scars a bit but if i
  10. i did one in july, worst thing i could have done. had 5 weeks of downtime, big red/pink patches and can safetly say ill never do one again
  11. about 10 days ago i got a lump on the side of my cheek and stupidly i squeezed it. it then scabbed up and fell off on monday but lump was still there and a red mark. i left it up until yesterday when for some reason i squeezed again cos it feels like something needs to come out anyway it got all red and swollen again. ive iced it and stuff but what can i do. i dont think its a cyst, i hope not ive had some of these before and after icing they go but this ones hanging around. what should i do? sh
  12. how long till the pinkness COMPLETELY subsided. i know it remains pink for a while after the peel but how long till it went completely. i did my peel on july 5th, completely peeled by the 14th and had two red patches either side for bout two weeks and kind of blend in with my face now
  13. actually make that shit scared