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    I like to go shopping with my friends, Go out and have a laugh, Have sleepover haha! I like to play basketball and do atheletics, My favourite subjects in school are English, Cooking, History and drama.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely comment.

    Acne isn't that bad as long as we see it as an

    uphill battle.

  2. Mara89

    oh it was a how-you-doing/how-you-been kind of what's up, haha

  3. Hey I like your new avatar!

  4. Lol, your lucky you dont get HUGEE spots like me. Grrrr ! :(

  5. hahah yeah, about that, i do get a little worked up too easily. please forgive me:)

  6. Whats an avar lol ?

  7. Jod

    Oh nothin lol, just thought I would say hello :)

  8. Jod

    Thanks shaara, you are too ! :)

  9. Shaara

    You're so pretty :)

  10. Mara89

    hello, i remember you :), what's up?

  11. Nice speaking to ya, will be good to speak to you again sometime :)

  12. Jod

    Oh not so bad. There on my face and back, Makes me feel horrible! Where do you get them?

  13. Got too go, hope to speak to you again soon, nice chatting to you x