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  1. So i got a RX for Plexion Cleanser cuz it has really good reviews on this site and is supposed to be gentle.....my skin is so dry and red, even with moisturizer it cracks.... really bad in the winter. Anyway it is not available in Canada, does anyone know a US RX drug website that i would be able to get it from? I mean is it legal for me to use a Canadian RX from a US vendor? Help pleeeeeease
  2. hey, i bought this product like 2 weeks ago and its fucking amazing. only thing i have ever used that controls oil... and i have been searching for over a year now. so happy i found this shit. anyway due to the price of like 40$ US for one tube, i ordered mine from england and got 3 for 60$ CAD. anyway i know the packaging is different, and so is the tube.... look on the site or somethin. anyway mine says its non-comodogenic on it :). im sure they r the same!
  3. lol interesting, but i think there is a lot more harmful crap in our air than dead skin cells... yes pollution
  4. disinfect disinfect disinfect often with peroxide and slap a nice layer of polysporin on it before bed. stop touching it, time heals all things. and i logged in for the first time in months for this post so u better read it hahahah

  6. This is gonna sound like the strangest thing, but you are a very good writer lol. Sophisticated and organized! Anyway, all i have to say is that i have been using RAM 0.04 for 3 months now and have seen shit all. Barely an IB, but maybe some red painful areas that never surfaced as pimples. Absolutely NO reduction in blackheads as claimed by Orthoneutrogena (the makers). My derm gave me RAM to reduce my oiliness, cuz im an oil slick 2 hours after washing. To no one's surprize, it didnt reduce
  7. Ah this is confusing. For the past couple of months ive had very low sex drive. Masturbated like once every ten days and turned down booty calls from exes. Strange behaviour for a 21 yr old male. Then i started taking 320mg of saw palmetto a day and im horny like a dog. Masturbate regularly. Wanna have sex constantly. No change in acne lol. Any explanation for this behaviour?
  8. Whats more important to control the oil on my face, EHA or DHA? I know most pills come with 25%-50% more EPA than DHA but some have all DHA.... any ideas? My skin is still oily with 3g EPA and 2g DHA a day (10 pills!) I also started milk thistle... but im gonna stop soon cuz i dont think its doing shit, maybe making things worse.
  9. I had great results (it cut my oil production down like 75%), but it only lasted for about a week. I'm curious as to why the effects would just wear off like that?? Thats a damn shame. It was like a little tease from sort of higher power...can clear skin be as simple as DIM? yes! yes! awww.... lolol wow gotta lay off the ganja. Well I guess DIM is out of the question. I just started taking omega-3 and milk thistle with progress improvement everyday for 3 days. PM me if you want some info
  10. thank you very much for clearing that up i guess ill be staying away from tea lol
  11. does it really increase estrogen production? cuz im a guy, and therefore wouldnt drink this if it does in fact increase estrogen..... so can someone tell me if this is fact or what
  12. if it as good as you are making it sound, you can put me on the list. i was wondering tho is MA is right for me. i dont have many pimples.... right now with my retin-A treatment i have no bumpy pimples at all. all i got are humongous pores, 100000 blackheads, and oily skin. and by oily i mean i can fill a kleenex 2 hours after i wash my face. any help?
  13. Can anyone who has tried DIM say (with confidence) that they have had LASTING results? One girl spoke about her blackheads coming out on their own while on DIM....that sounds good to me lol Edit: Actually, it was a guy on page 2
  14. i want some!!!!! can you do it yourself if you had the product?
  15. SOOOO cute! Come back to Canada! lol your so lucky living in Japan... i loooove sushi!