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  1. I’d have to get back to you around June or July as that’s when the most noticeable changes are supposed to be visible. As of right now though, I haven’t noticed any drastic improvements. I should also note that my first RF was on 11/20, second was on 1/7, and third was on 2/15. So the collagen regrowth is still occurring and could possibly lead to more noticeable improvements down the road (fingers crossed).
  2. To be honest I’m not sure what strength chemical peel was used. The Doctor that I just received RF from also recommended Botox but he didn’t mention anything about dermafiller for my forehead. I figured I’d wait until around June when the more drastic improvements from RF are noticeable and go from there with any further procedures. Thank you for your response.
  3. Hey I’ve had these forehead acne scars ever since I cleared up my cystic acne over ten years ago. I’ve already done about 12 chemical peels. 8 micro needling sessions, 4 micro dermabrasion sessions. And most recently I did a program that included 3 RF micro needling sessions spread about 6 weeks in between. (Finished my third one three weeks ago). I feel like my forehead never responds to treatments as well as the rest of my face does and I’m running out of options. Do I just keep doing RF?