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  1. lol Do you even have acne? It doesn't look like it in your picture and none of your posts have anything to do with acne. As for your weed question, I highly doubt that smoking a few times during the summer will affct your mind at all. If you make a habit out of it it probably will though.

  2. Hey, nice pic, you're a cutie!


  3. MissErratic

    Pictures of Moi

    Exactly what the title says.
  4. acne has not stopped me from wanting you right now.

  5. Tonight, some of my friends, my volleyball coach, and I are going to finish up this old peoples' home we've been cleaning/renovating by painting it an 'EGGSHELL white'. Then, we're going out to eat at Los Cucos, or somethin. Hmm, I have a party tomorrow night! FINALLY, after hours and hours of babysitting all week. And I don't know about Sunday yet. I know this guy wanted to hang out with me, so maybe...
  6. With those eyes, lips, and pearly whites, all I gotta say is, you don't need to worry about a THING, babe. But seriously, you just look a tad bit red. I see no acne whatsoever...?
  7. All I got to say is, don't TRY so hard. It comes off as creepy and rude half the time. Just go with the flow and if you truly interested in the girl, she'll be able to tell.
  8. Haha, alright, thank you for that piece of advice Joe.
  9. I need answers! Basically, I'm in high school, straight A honor roll student, involved in volleyball and I'm living life. So, I'm out for the summer and ready to make summer 08 the best it can be! A few days ago, I experimented with mary jane. It was my first time. Don't get me wrong, I'm a responsible person, but I'm no saint. Far from it. I didn't do it out of peer pressure honestly, but I wanted the experience(I'm all about experiences) Welllll, I was being paranoid because I needed to
  10. so cute in ur av!

  11. Hmm, well I never LAY OUT, if that's what you mean, but I am out quite a bit walking my dog, at the pool, amusement/water parks, or just hanging with friends. I make sure to put a ton of sunscreen on, though. But I tan easily. I'm eastern european, and I get it from my mother.
  12. Well, it was HER decision, so don't feel bad. It's not your fault at all, she's just repulsed and/or uncomfortable with the idea. There's plenty of other ways to show yalls affection for each other, just put the whole sha-bang past you. ;]
  13. I live in Texas, and during the three amazing months of summer we have, it's unbearably hot. Um, I put sunscreen on my face, mostly just my nose/cheek area, and I wear those big sunglasses, will I end up getting a weird tan on my face? I'm already pretty tan, and I'm not naturally the whitest person.