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  1. I use Healthy Sexy Hair Chocolate Soymilk shampoo or Tigi Some Like it Hot. Some Like it Hot has 'cones on both the shampoos and conditioners, though...but I still like to use it sometimes.
  2. I got a small bottle of the Jose Maran pure argan oil from Sephora today. I'm using it in my hair, to try to get it nice and soft and shiny again after all I've put it through. I didn't want to try Moroccan Oil, because it has 'cones in it, which I'm trying to stop using on my hair; I think all the products I've been using for the past few years have contributed to my hair's brittleness. My hair looked very shiny and manageable today, but I don't know if that's the argan oil I used or the fact
  3. Has anyone tried using either Moroccan Oil or pure Argan oil on their hair? Did it make a huge difference, would you recommend it for dry hair?
  4. I haven't tried Two Faced, but I LOVE Urban Decay Primer Potion! It's like glue, my eyeliner/shadow doesn't budge all day when I use it, and I have super-greasy, smeary eyelids! I also use the L'Oreal De-Crease, which isn't as amazing as Urban Decay, but it does work and is a good deal for the cost, plus it's easier to get, since they sell it at drugstores.
  5. It takes me about 5 minutes on a normal day. I do eyeliner, then brush matte black eyeshadow over that so it doesn't look harsh, then MAC Studiofix Powder and I'm done. If you count washing my face, putting BP on and moisturizing, then it's probably an extra 5 minutes. My hair doesn't take long to do, either, really. If I could cut down on the time I spend sitting around doing nothing in the mornings, I might actually get out of the house on time once in awhile.
  6. no offense.. but that's jus stupid. your wasting your (or your parents) money.. sounds kind of selfish to me. it's not that serious! People deal with things differently! It's not stupid for him to feel like he can't handle going out, just sad.
  7. My forehead's breaking out for some reason. I've never really broken out on my forehead before. I'm not down about it, more like WTF? It's probably the new shampoo I'm using, which would suck, because it's great for my hair, grrr.
  8. I feel the same. I love being with my friends and boyfriend, and I won't let acne keep me from having a good time. It doesn't take away from my confidence, either, I love myself, haha.
  9. I have some advice: Next time your brother messes with you, look right into his face and say, "I'm gonna kick your a..." and before you get finished saying it, punch him as hard as you can in the stomach. He'll be expecting to get hit in the face, so you'll have the upper hand. Other than that, I dunno...keep icing it and hope for the best. I don't think it'll hurt the acne.
  10. I had mine removed when I was 12. I already had acne pretty bad at the time, though. The acne actually got better a few months later.
  11. Rimmel black matte eyeshadow. Hard Candy lip gloss. Say Yes To Carrots melon lip balm. And not a must have, but Hard Candy eye glitter is nice once in awhile, too.
  12. You don't like my new avatar? =[ I think it's lovely!

  13. What in the devil happened to you in your icon!?!?

  14. If we all stopped having sex then acne really would be the end of the world! :lol: