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  1. Hey Delna does your regimen help with getting rid of little bumps under the skin where red marks are there too???
  2. i am upset because summer is when you go swimming and on the lake and stuff and i do not want to avoid that because im on the regimen?? i have not ever had bad acne but the regimen is frustrating and dries my skin out so badly i dont want this. What will happen if i just stop the regimen and start doing proactiv?? will my skin get really bad?
  3. ok but then what number of spf do i use because i still want to get tan and i thought the sun helps acne also....
  4. i have been on the regimen about 5 weeks now.. im going to florida the first of may and i love to tan and get really dark! my question is how am i going to be able to apply bp in the morning and then go to the beach and tan and swim what will happen and any suggestions on what to do??
  5. im really upset because im almost done with the 4th week of dan's regimen and im getting bumps under the skin that are new and i have never seen on my face before. Why is this happening i thought that acne cannot live in bp so why am i developing new outbreaks that i have NEVER had in these new places before. Is this normal before it gets alot better????
  6. hi, what is Alpha Hydroxy Acid and i thought you were not suppose to exfoliate during the regimen????
  7. well mine does not look like a rash at all though... the bumps might be coming up maybe i might have had them already and the bp is bringing them out... but i need a girls oppinion??? When you are about to start do you break out some while on the regimen or is the regimen suppose to prevent that?? I have only been on it for 3 weeks though so i dunno
  8. I thought you were not suppose to use any additional products on the regimen with the bp??
  9. hi everyone! can anyone give me advice?? im starting my 3rd week on the regimen and im getting little bumps coming up under my skin that was not there before. Why is this happening???? Is this normal and will they dissapear quickly??... Before i took the regimen i started to use the birth control yaz and i never had acne until i took that stupid birth control for about 2 months(i stopped taking it) and i got bumps on my cheeks and i have red scars that will not go away but they are fading some