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  1. Thanks for the warning, but when I use the dryer on the cool blast setting no heat comes out and it is just like being in front of the fan. Same thing. Sorry that I shared.
  2. Thank you! I was trying to decide between Good China and Baby Bath. They both look pretty, I might have to get both on my next order, lol. Stacy
  3. I started using my hairdryer on the high setting while pushing the "cool" button to dry my BP gel faster. It usually only takes about a minute and a half to dry a thick layer of Acne.org BP gel and it feels cool and refresing while I do it. Best of luck to all! Stacy
  4. I am Sunkissed Fair Intensive and/or Light. I think I like the Sunlight concealer better, I think the Multitasking may be a bit too pink for me, too. Maybe I will give the Intensive Light Concealer a try. I do have golden/yellow undertones. Any recommendations for a light, natural color eyeshadow? I like crystaline/ivory/golden colors. Thanks, Stacy P.S. I hate the siesta lip balm, it was even too light for me. I love the idea of a peachy natural lip balm, but this looked pastey on me
  5. Silly story....I just washed my face and started the Regimen nightly ritual, then wanted to try the Multitasking concealer, so I shook a little out on the back of my hand and just rubbed it with my fingers around my eyes. I thought the color looked a bit dark in my strangely-lit bathroom, but didn't think anything of it. I got dressed for bed and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thought wow, I look like I just caught up on my sleep! I forgot about putting the concealer on, lol. M
  6. OMG, thanks! No, I don't have a HG brush as of yet ) Stacy
  7. I think I will get the flattop brush, everyone talks so highly of it. And you will never be able to get a good quality brush for $6, you are sooo right. I am writing that down on my list... Thanks, Stacy Stupid question, what does HG stand for? Stacy
  8. My skin actually did clear up quite a bit just getting away from Bare Minerals. I I used that line for about 7 years and the last year or so I was breaking out more and working harder to cover it up. I was so relieved to see this thread b ecause I love mineral makeup and don't think I could ever go back to liquid and needed suggestions for a different line to try. I think I am Sunkissed Fair Intensive, but I still need the bright sunlight check to be sure before I order the full sizes. Did y
  9. Coolness, I just ordered my second sample set to get the foundation colors right and give the intensive line a try. I ordered the first sample set too light, so now that I have the color chart I am going to try some of the other colors. Thank you so much for this thread! I love the All Smiles blush, and with the affordability of the sample kits you can try the products without buyer's regret if the colors aren't exactly right. The little sifter jars that the sample kit comes in are awesome,
  10. Thank you, thank you! I just started using NHSFL twice a day after being on the regimen for 3 weeks. It worked great to cut out the flaking but my skin is stinging! I've only been using it for a couple of days, so I wasn't sure what was going on. I will reduce to once a day and use the Acne.com moisturizer the alternate times. Thanks for the info. Stacy
  11. I used Proactiv for a few years. It would clear me up initially, then I would get too dry and my face would crack and bleed and get crusty. I used to scrub the heck out of my face with the grainy cleanser and then not be able to figure out why the condition would feel worse. I also used Proactiv on my chect and back and I ruined so many clothes due to bleaching. And it gets expensive to use on other body parts as the sizes are half of what you can get through Dan's program, and Proactiv is m
  12. I had a lot less stinging and redness once I switched from Proactiv products to Dan's products. And the redness is decreasing a little bit each day.
  13. I went to Vitamin Cottage and bought Maxi-Hair vitamins from a brand called Country Life. It is designed with vitamins to help the hair/nails/skin and has a healthy supply of zinc and vitamin a and the b vitamins. I take a multi during the day along with a fish oil capsule, then 2 of these at night with another fish oil capsule. It sure would be nice to buy them already packaged for daily use like you said. I totally relate, I kind of feel like a pharmacist doling out a bunch of pills, lol.
  14. I personally like the moisturizer, but I use mineral makeup over it, so I don't get the shine. I imagine you wouldn't be using mineral makep, ) That is a bonus for women.