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  1. I have some discoloration, shallow ice-pick scars, and perhaps a couple of rolling scars on my cheeks. I had my 1st microneedling session with growth factors done 5 days ago. I followed directions and used a gentle cleanser with CeraVe moisturizer. My skin feels softer and looks a bit brighter/more even toned. Question... can anyone recommend topical products to use in between my microneedling sessions to maximize results for treating the shallow acne scars? I keep reading about vitamin c, ret
  2. Questions about dermastamping... 1. Is it best to disinfect skin with alcohol and then dermastamp on dry skin or should one apply an oil/mousturizer and then dermastamp? 2. Is it OK to use rosehip seed oil right after dermastamping or should one use an ointment like Vit A&D for the first few days and then use the rosehip seed oil?
  3. I use MAC's liquid foundation and powder and while it's great in evening out skin tone and covering marks and blemishes, it doesn't really do much to fill in "holes" from large, pitted pores. I have tried their primer and that didn't do much either. I've seen mixed reviews on Clarins and Cliniques's primers. I was tempted to buy It Cosmetics bye bye pores but the reviews are pretty mixed for that too. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  4. So those little holes on the forehead ARE large pores? I have a few on my cheeks that look like those and I still am not sure if they are enlarged pores or acne pits. I started washing twice a day with Olay Regenerist daily cleanser followed 2x per day of using 20% glycolic pads that I swipe my face with and then Isomers pore minimizer. It's only been a couple of weeks but I am seeing a difference in the reduction of oil and minimizing of pores. I am debating on getting the PMD microderm syste
  5. I saw this advertised on ShopNBC a few days ago and I read a lot of positive reviews on it. The before and after on the man with the scarring is what peaked my interest. I came close to finally buying this tonight but still hesitated and thought to check this board first. Does anyone else have personal experience using the PMD system? I have enlarged pores and what I believe are a few shallow acne pits (small holes that look bigger than large pores.) I emailed the company asking if this would w
  6. I've purchased a couple of at home microdermabrasion creams including the one from the Skinn line. It is recommended to splash your face with warm water first and then massage the cream for a few minutes into the skin to exfoliate. My question is, has anyone ever massaged these creams on dry skin for an extended period of time? I read a review on another site where a guy vigorously massaged Neutrogena's Microdermabrasion treatment on his dry skin (where the scars were) for 15 - 20 minutes. He s
  7. Frida, I thought you were being rude when I read your post the first time but then I read it again and had to LOL. So do you think a series of chemical peels and microdermabrasion will help? I know that part of my skin will never look as good as the "smooth" part but the little holes bother me and want to try to smooth the rough texture as much as possible.
  8. Here are the pics of MY scars. Are these rolling scars and enalrged pores? I keep hearing that Fraxel is the gold standard for these types of scars but I've read some horror stories from some who went through with the laser procedure. Does anyone think Laser Genesis or dermarolling would help? I sent a pic to someone selling dermarollers and he said I should definitely see good results from dermarolling at home.
  9. I took the picture down that I posted b/c I made a goofy mistake. Some time ago, I downloaded a pic online (the one I originally posted) b/c it was close to what my cheeks looks like. I didn't have a camera at the time but later got one and took a picture of my own face. I ended up saving those pics to a disk and downloaded them to a new pc months later. When I uploaded the pic here, I thought it was my face but it was the pic I downloaded online. I kept looking at the pic with the "additional
  10. Can someone please tell me how to edit or delete the pic in my post? I made a really goofy mistake.
  11. Thanks. I read the other day that the thinner your skin gets, the better it will be when it comes to minimizing large pores? Have you looked into intradermal botox that is used for large/dilated/scarred pores? I saw some before and after photos when doing a search on Google and it really looks tempting but doing more research on it first. I have started massaging the areas each night and I ordered some supplements including collagen, Vit C, E, hylauronic acid, and a good multivitamin. I'll see i
  12. I'm 32yrs old now but had acne since age 11. My acne is under control for the most part. I do still get sporadic breakouts when my diet is poor or during my "m" cycle. Spironolactone worked great for keeping me clear when I was on it but I stopped using it. My main problem right now is the scarring on my cheeks. I really don't know if it is large, dilated, or scarred pores? I remember only having a couple of "holes" many years ago but it got worse. I did a few at home TCA peels (20%) which did
  13. I have seen ads for a skin care line called Dermera but can't find any reviews on it. I came across it on a website when I went to re-order some hair vitamins. Apparently, there appears to be some affiliation. Anyone try this?
  14. Same here. I'm 31yrs old and my acne started in 5th grade! I tried so many things and saw various derms but nothing really worked. As I got older my skin improved but I still would get awful flareups during my menstrual cycle, times of stress/anxiety, and when I ate or drank dairy products. My skin did clear up when I was expecting my children but the breakouts started again shortly after giving birth. I was prescribed spiro and it's the only thing that cleared up my skin and kept it clear. I
  15. I just posted about my experience with taking spiro in the past. I'm ready to take it again b/c it's the only thing that worked great for clearing my skin and keeping it clear while I was on it. To answer your question, I never experienced any problems or irregularities with my menstrual cycle while taking the spiro.