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  1. Do protein shakes or other supplements affect acne? They havn't for me, but I have heard otherwise from other people.
  2. I have heard doctors say food doesn't affect acne, but wise elders and some acne veterens tell a different story. What gives?
  3. I play sports quite a bit and was wondering if sweat contributes a great deal to acne? Thanks
  4. Does anyone's forehead get more oilly than anywhere else?
  5. I have heard that some prescription acne treatments can make people suicidal, is this true?
  6. Has anyone had any luck with herbal treatments for acne?
  7. Is there much difference between 2.5% and 5% benzoyl peroxide?
  8. how do you use both benzoyl peroxide medication and scar tretments?
  9. May I strongly recommend Clearasil, I use the tinted kind, it works wonders and does not, at least it did not for me, get much worse before it gets better. i wash with face soap with hot water, end with cool water to close pores and keep dirt out, then apply clearasil. i think the 10% benzol poroxide is what does it. also it is key to not touch or pick at your face. good luck