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  1. vitamins can'd help - sorry. It's not even clear whether they can be absorbed well because a vitamin pill contails all the vitamins you need at once and they all compete for absorption.
  2. http://www.pnas.org/content/101/14/5111.full?ck=nck The above is just one of the studies but concerns me most. I've read quite a bit of research now and can't answer these questions: - Are effects permanent or does the brain recover completely? - Does it happen in 100% of people who take it of just in some? - Is it dosage dependent i.e. if you take a lower dose does this decrease the effects or chance of this happening?
  3. Some people never grow out of it so...better make sure you take care of it. By take care, I mean take care take care like kill the basterd.
  4. Sorry for the double post but I need to include that I also experienced some of the symptoms described in the site. I was on decutane after a 6-month course on accutane. I had to stop the decutane because it was killing me. I couldn't focus, concentrate, study or memorise anything.
  5. Hey I've known this site for some time but never took an interest in reading about accutane. Anyway recently I got involved and the information on the website seems to be correct. Not only has he provided references to PubMed but I've found similar results in independent research publications. Anyway I still want to know whether all of these negative effects and they are just 1000s appear in everyone taking accutane or are they rarely seen. Do you recover after treatment etc. It will be good to
  6. Yeah also go to a cosmetician - they might have procedures of clearing this.
  7. That's ridiculous. There is no connection people! Whatever you eat it is converted into glucose. Fat is converted as well. The excess is stored. If you eat a HOT meal you might sweat and that might make you feel oily.
  8. First of all diet and all those healthy tips are a big BS. True some foods can probably affect your skin but the effect is minimal - of almost no significance. Surely they can't be causing the acne by themselves. What I recently found out about my acne is that my skin (being an oily acne skin - there is no acne on dry skins) produces oil which can't escape through the skin and so it is trapped in the skin. This makes small and big reservoirs of white substance - white-heads. If those stay on the
  9. Hi I haven't been here for some time. I accidentally found that marmite (yeast + something don't know exactly but you can find what it is in wikipedia) has very positive effects on acne. It's like the missing link. I don't know whether it is sold in other countries (other than UK and some colonies) but I know they sell it in the form of pills of beer yeast (well it's not exactly the same thing but...). I've tried both and while the pills do help, marmite is the real thing. I know for some it ta
  10. Hello everyone Before starting this question I found this on the forums as a quick reference: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/eggs-bad-acne-t92587.html From the discussion above I understand eggs do not affect acne. Is it true? I don't know. I have an interesting Idea though. I eat eggs. OK I eat a lot of eggs. I used to eat about 10 or more eggs every morning for about a year. I started getting acne a month or so after starting to eat so many eggs (I was on accutane before and it cleared th
  11. Please say something . No really this is very important to me. I found what causes my acne and it is impurities - I've been thinking for an hour and finally came to that conclusion and I am happy I know the cause. Unfortunately I started accutane a week ago.
  12. I am not quite sure my dermatologist know what they are doing. After a wonderful course of accutane I was completely clear. Very rarely did I have a pimple but I can't say it didn't happen. There are 2 reasons for my acne to come back: 1. I think my acne is comedonal ( can't spell it sorry). So i stopped getting deep cleaning and it came back. 2. It's because of the ointments they gave me. I think it's the first one as for the 5 years I've had acne I've got about 6 deep cleaning procedures .
  13. I want to go and get a deep cleaning. The problem is they use some sort of an acid to dissolve the impurities which has a peeling effect (my skin the next day is flaky and dry and often the top layer falls off). I am on accutane and I want to clean my face as I have a lot of impurities right now. Can I do it? I've just started accutane (5th day).
  14. OK if you have no blocked pores then all the sebum goes on the surface and bacteria cannot populate. As a result you should be acne free, right? PS by deep cleaning I mean in a beauty saloon.
  15. I had a light-severe acne, then I was on accutane for 6 months (3 months 40mg/day 3 months/20 mg/day) and then I was clear for a while (almost a year) and it came back again. Now it is very light (approx. 1 pimple a day) but the pimple often leave a red mark Anyway I think I will try accutane again because after the 1st course my acne, even though it came back, is much less severe. Hopefully after a second course it will go away completely. I will consult my derm before I do anything. So far t