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  1. pretty sure thats how it works. it did for me anyway. don't stress it though, it's not that bad.
  2. hell yea! big improvement dude, im happy for you! btw, check out emu oil for the scarring if you want
  3. oh, and for a quick update - I'm on day 52 now i think (just took the 2nd pill in the pack). For the first 20 days or so, it was pretty rough, then it started to get better in the last 10 of the month. Then I ran out of pills and went something like 4-5days without, so I got a breakout. Once i got back on accutane for the 2nd month, it got worse for about 2 weeks. During those 2 weeks, I decided to stop washing my face. I let the water in the shower run over it, but thats about it. No drying e
  4. im on day like 52 right now and am just washing my face with water. my skin is not dry (just a little on my chin/jaw), and my complexion is a lot more even. I still break out a little bit, but no more cysts (knock on wood)! I just use the pressure of the water coming out of the showerhead and do no dry my face. I just let it sit and dry itself. no more touching = no more breakouts!
  5. so i just picked up the last 10 days of my perscription, and im on this other manufaturer now (still at 40 though). Is Sotret (what i used to be on) the same as Amnesteem?
  6. cheer up dude. go outside and do something you like. idk get a haircut and some new clothes. do what you can to build some confidence! work out so you can come back to school next fall with some confidence. i'm sure this state is only temporary.
  7. So this is day 40 something... I missed the derm on after the 30 day mark and had to be off the med for like 4 days... so i guess 14 days later skin is still purging. I had been using water, then after i missed the appt i went back to using cleanser. now im starting to go back to water, and its being a bitch to my face. I also hooked up with a girl the otherday for a couple hours, and i think that might have made me break out a little more.... it was worth it tho heh. anyways, still not clear
  8. So let me start off by saying that I'm on accutane, nearing the 1 month mark. I recently started smoking like 1 or 2 cigs a night (yea i know its bad, and no im not doing it b/c of acne ok), and I've noticed that there are no more cysts, and a lot less white heads. maybe this is the accutane working, but i'm not sure. anyone else seen this happen? nicotine is helping with stress maybe? *knocks on wood so acne doesn't come back*
  9. Dear IB, Fuck you. Love, clearnowplz Also, I got punched in the face, so i've had a black eye and a big cut under my eye for a while.... the acne isn't what people notice anymore lol.
  10. hah, i was in 4th grade (whats that, like 10?) i thought i was just going for a kiss on the cheek, then last minute im just like, ok woot! and went for it. best bad decision ever!