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  1. me_vs_skin

    Day 23

    It's funny, I got my hair done-- and because I'm so focused on adjusting to that, I haven't really paid any attention to my face. I have two problem spots that look bloodyish (sorry)-- and then I have wannabe pimples all over. They're annoying. The are pink, some big-- but not fully formed. My chest has small ones ALLLLLL over. I'm getting tired of those! My strapless bridesmaid dress needs to be worn in two and a half weeks... please please PLEASE let all of these tiny zits go away.
  2. I'm sitting here with a mirror in hand, trying to figure out what to report. Biggest issues with my skin at the moment: The zit under my chin (I think it formed last week?) is a scab that keeps opening up when it gets wet. Accutane definitely makes my skin heal differently. Maybe slower? I put neosporin on this spot every night. I have a large scab near my left eye/hairline. The cracks of my nostrils get ultra dry. I have very tiny clusters of zits all over my cheeks. They are f
  3. Soooooo yeah. My face is broken OUT. Things to note: -I have lip flakes. What the hell is that, you wonder? On the edge of my lip, my skin has decided to flake only half way off so it remains on my face. Twice today, someone said "you have a flake on your lip." So, yeah, THAT'S happening. I also saw a flake hanging out on my face while I looked at myself in the reflection of my metro car window. -My skin is just... awful. I guess I've had worse days in general, but I have little ones E
  4. Okay, so yesterday I did some serious pickin'. I've been so good recently, not sure what that weak moment was all about. But there were three whiteheads on my upper lip yesterday (I guess that's what they were? They were string zits. You know, when you push on them and a long string comes out? Sorry. That was gross.) Today they are nonexistent, so I'm pleased with how it went... but the one on my left cheek that I also messed with... I am NOT pleased with how that one looks today. Also, I
  5. My left side of my face, which is usually the "good side" (before Accutane, even) is breaking out. I have 3 new ones-- on the smaller side, sure-- but they are RED RED RED! I hate it when a zit is redder than your lips. It really makes me feel like i have christmas lights on my face. I wonder if this is finally the start of an initial breakout? I was wondering where it was... Side Effects: -Last night I went out with friends... we were up late, we talked a lot, and I suppose when I tal
  6. Holy crap! Thanks for that tidbit of information! Whenever I research stuff online about RLS, a lot of it seems to be "just deal with it" or "walk around" or "iron pills." I definitely will discuss this option with my doctor soon-- I'm not sure what the tie in with Accutane is, because it's only happened when I've been on it-- but any relief would be amazing.
  7. Not one, but TWO people told me my skin was "glowing" today. One of the complimenters knows I'm on accutane, the other doesn't. Side effects: -Dry ears -Dry lips Face: -Not many! Underneath chin zit the worst. Right cheek/lower jaw a few scabs. -Two forehead scars (large.) Chest neck: -Lots of little ones. -Three dark scars on chest still there. Last night...OMG I had some restless leg syndrome going on. I experienced it for the first time during Accutane Round 2-- I forg
  8. Sorry boys: Today, I got my period. This is worth mentioning, because I did not get any traumatizing zits to alert me that my period was even coming. This is UNBELIEVABLE to me. It's only been 12 days. Can this really be happening already? I always get at least ONE if not TEN "period" zits. Face: Lots of little zits, nothing big. The hairline zit had definitely closed-- it's a creator scar at the moment. My right cheek is worse than my left. My jawline and underneath part of my chin is
  9. So, my "great" face skin is doing a little less great today-- but still, not awful. I'm breaking out in really strange places... not my typical zones. For instance, I have a large zit underneath my chin. Who gets prominent zits there? Definitely not what I would consider an "oily" area. Also, my neck. I'm getting a lot of new ones there...my neck was never that bad of a spot. A lot on the BACK of my neck, too. Like-- deep ones. However, the areas on my face that are typically bad-- my
  10. I wish I could tell what's causing what. It's the 9th day since beginning my third Accutane journey... and my skin looks healthy? I'm talking the skin between the current zits. It's just so...smooth. Is this due to the Accutane? Is this due to stopping the Spironolactone? Is this due to the lotion I'm using at night (CeraVe)? Is this due to stopping the 10% benzoyl peroxide cream? (Maybe my skin hated it?) Is this due to drinking more water because Accutane has been making me thir
  11. It's officially been over a week now!!!! So today: holy CRAP i slept forever. I had been feeling a little worn out this week. And after waking up at 9 am this morning, I went back to bed at 11 and slept until 3. I vaguely remember doing this when I was on Accutane Round 2--so I'm going to consider this normal, and it's just my body adjusting. (Or maybe my week at work was just more tiring than normal.) I drank again last night. The doubleish date thing went okay-- I definitely think we're
  12. Things to note today: 1. Upon leaving my apartment this morning, I ran into a neighbor in my hallway. (We've never talked, he cannot speak much English, and he's at least 30 years older than me.) I see him often when we're both heading to work-- but we never speak. But when we were in the elevator, he struggled to communicate, and what he said was, "Today. You look. Very. Beautiful." Well look at that! I felt great about my skin for the rest of the day. I felt like I did have a "glow" this mo
  13. Soooo. Yeah. My skin is continuing to break out. I know I know. I've been through this before, I know when you start things are rough. But ugh. Side Effects: -Dry scalp, dry ears, some dry patches between my nostril and face? -Lips still aren't chapped! Just drier than normal. -Slight headache this evening -Contacts are bothering me some Face: -That raw spot near my hairline? Still there. And raw. Seriously? -Two new zits on my forehead that are red. -Small breakouts contin
  14. Side effects: -Starting to really notice some dry skin. The skin behind my ears is flakey (I know, weird). Also, while I always use a dandruff shampoo, I feel like my scalp has been itchier than usual. -I had the world's WORST headache yesterday. It was unresponsive to migraine medication. -Lips still not chapped, but, dryer. Face: -That open/raw zit that made me stay home yesterday is still sore, but not at ugly. Everyone complimented me on my hair today... which amused me greatly, b
  15. me_vs_skin

    Day 3

    Day 3 of my low-dose Accutane course at 20 mg per day. So I'm not entirely proud of this: but I called out of work today. It's a "sick" day-- but it's actually a "bad-skin" day. The location of the awful zit isn't even that bad--- it's pretty close to my hairline. A zit couldn't be in a better location. But it's open and raw-- I cannot imagine sitting there all day thinking about it. I could position my hair over it, but then I couldn't make any sudden movements. Also, the raw part is larg