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  1. I think the wider-appearing scars are from the TCA cross. But now (4 weeks post op) I also have some lumps under my skin where the subcision was done. Hematomas perhaps? But I am worried that they won't go away
  2. If you live in the UK I would probably go see Emil over Dr. Lim. Much closer, and still known and respected in the industry.
  3. Here is the study: study on subcision with/without fillers. The doctor is doctor Wenus in Drammen (near Oslo). He is mainly a mole removal specialist and an ear nose and throat doctor but he also has lots of experience with cosmetic procedures - just doesn’t advertise it so much. Norway has kind of a complicated relationship with cosmetic surgeries, which is why many doctors who perform them don’t advertise so much. I had a great experience with this doctor
  4. Hi guys! Thanks for the replies - you are all correct, the right photo is the after. Now seeing all your responses, the more I look at it the more I can actually see the difference. It feels nice Left photo: taken 1 month after first Erbium YAG laser treatment Right photo: taken 1.5 months after second laser treatment and 3 weeks after TCA cross + subcision. My plan is to get my next subcision + TCA cross in May or June, and potentially one or two more after that in 2-month inte
  5. Not gonna label which photo below is before & which is after. Curious to see if you can tell the difference... because sometimes I’m not sure if I can see a difference... sometimes I even wonder if it has just gotten worse For reference, between the photos I had one Erbium YAG treatment, and one subcision with TCA cross treatment. (I tried to get fairly consistent lighting - it was hard. Also, the left photo was taken with the “selfie cam” and it seems to have been softene
  6. I had two sessions of Erbium YAG laser in December and January and am not confident I saw results in my rolling/boxcar scarring. It hasn't been so long since I had these treatments, and I know collagen production takes time, but I still expected to see a bit more visible results sooner. I can say that I did see a visible improvement in the tone of my skin (a lot less red), just not sure about texture. Instead of trying a third laser session, I found a doctor who performed Subcision and TCA
  7. Hi guys! I posted a few weeks ago asking about the efficacy of subcision without filler and also asking for help in identifying my acne scars. After 2 rounds with erbium laser and not really feeling like I could see any improvement in my scars I finally saw a doctor who performed subcision and TCA cross on my left cheek (much more & deeper scarring than my right cheek) on Thursday. These are in NO WAY results photos as my face is still swollen and bruised. I just know that a lot of peop
  8. Hi! I’ve always accepted that I have “rolling” atrophic scars. But now I’ve taken a photo in lighting that really shows them and I’m curious what your thoughts are. Rolling? Boxcar? Any ice pick? Best treatment?
  9. Hi guys, I have some pretty bad atrophic (mainly rolling) acne scarring on my cheeks left behind by cystic acne I had 5-6 years ago. In the past year I’ve decided I wanted to do something to treat it, and in December and January I had two erbium laser treatments done by a doctor who insisted laser could be the solution to my problems. Now, I feel like I can’t see any real improvement in the depth of my rolling scars (though overall redness level and texture has improved) and I wan