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  1. Probably worst week in terms of new spots and redness. Spots starting to appear on my forehead which hasn’t been the case for a few years. Hopefully this is the medication working it’s way through the less stubborn areas and begins calming down within the next few weeks.
  2. Noticeably more red, however skin feels softer and less irritatable
  3. Skin feels smoother and less sore. Spots showing up in same places with more whiteheads showing but seem to calm down after 2-3 days. Worst week so far following the second week where the skin felt less irritated. These seems to be common with Differin use.
  4. Skin doesn’t seem as dry this week, however still a little sore especially after coming out of the shower and applying moisturiser, calms down straight away though. less spots developed around cheek except for one or two which came Saturday night. Noticing a few spots coming above both eyebrows which is different.
  5. red irritation around jawline (left) and general redness on cheek (right). Three/ four whiteheads developed on forehead. 4/5 whiteheads developed on jawline (left). Overall face quite irritated and feels as though the skin is losing its top layer and the skin feels quite fragile