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  1. thanks chultzy...i'm so undecided about what to do. i have an appt. w/ my doctor tomorrow to get some chemical (bloodwork) done before they will let me go on it. but i just sometimes wonder if i have even given my birth control enough time to start working. i started yaz in the middle of march, so I'm NOT SURE! gah! i'm always looking for a quick fix and it always gets me in trouble. niknak-from what i understand, most women have hormomonal acne. if its on your cheeks, its horomonal, chin, is s
  2. I've been on yaz for almost 3 months...and i was thinking, why not get spiro? i've heard great things about it, and my acne is horomonal, so lets give it a shot. but i really honestly didnt expect to get it! I called my OBGYN and talked to the nurse and she called it in! i'm really hopeful! have ya'll heard good things about yaz and spiro together?
  3. before i was on any type of BC pill i was really quick to bulk up and build muscle. Now i am LOTS thinner, and a weakling. i've been told its because i've had mono (years ago)...but who really knows. My energy level is like...blah now. very interesting poll!
  4. i always deal with my insecurities with jokes. but thats just my personality. i think everyone is different. personally i think thats probably not the best move, b/c it just draws more attention to your flaws.
  5. i've been using it for two weeks. and i've been using tea tree oil for a spot treatment and it works REALLY good. it knocks those suckers out. i think the SA is for the "less severe" acne.
  6. i know... but hey...one thing at a time i guess. i'll worry about that when that day comes. Does anyone know if they prescribe Spiro in the US?
  7. it only took 3 weeks for your spiro to work??? wow thats fast! did it get rid of your red marks?
  8. I NEVER EVER had acne...maybe would get a zit if i ate like a pound of m&ms...then i went on BC at 20...because of irregular periods. Gosh, its like the devil drug. So the minute i came off them, well actually a couple months later, i started noticing zits. i thought it was nothing but then , bam...it was like...ok this is sserious. so here i am...i've been taking my birth control again for 2 months and they also prescribed doxycylin. but then someone told me that make the bc not work so i q
  9. I do not know the answer. I am currently using Paulas Choice cleanser, toner, and LIQUID 2% SA. I love it bc i feel like it is gentle enough but brings stuff to a head. But at the same time...i've been breaking out a lot. I got a few more big zits on my chin. I was on my period too last week, so that could have interfered. I've heard great things...but I would like to know as well. This cleanser and toner makes my skin feel fantastic though...i recommend it to anyone.
  10. well, for me...i would look on tv and see this perfect skin and be like...thats not fair! but you know what? that was so silly of me. the above poster is right...tons of people get it. its just a normal thing, and you just have to be patient w/ your doctor, and your regimen and it will eventually run its course. I know my trigger, and i know that my medicine will work (trying to stay positive here hehe) oh and werent those comments aweful? people are so mean. i'm sure the people who wrote them
  11. I thought I had pressure dealing w/ this...I can't imagine being in the public eye and dealing with this issue. I saw this on TMZ and it made me sick to see them making fun of these celebs for dealing w/ such a common issue, i'm sure it hurts them to see this! But at the same time i think it is important for people to see that celebrities are not absent from acne, or any other type of disease, or weight issue...etc. They struggle with the same issues as normal people. Thats the only reason i'm p
  12. oh wow...that is something to consider. Have things gotten better for you since you quit taking the antibiotic? I have stopped using Neutrogena, and switched to Paula's Choice, and I lOVE it. I am using the Cleanser, toner, and the 2%beta hydroxy acid. My skin had a bit of a breakout around my chin only b/c 1) it was "that time of the month" 2) i think the beta hydroxy acid allowed some of the acne to come to the surface. It's only been three days and i can see and FEEL a difference.
  13. If you are having your period for that long, you need to call your doctor. Always be COMPLETELY honest about your concerns, no matter how stupid you think they sound. Just tell her that your face is finally starting to clear and you don't want to mess with that but you are concerned...she's a doctor, she will know what to do! And congrats on being clear, i'll bet it is due to the tea tree oil wipes!
  14. you know its funny you say that bc SA is actually in the cleanser i'm using now and its the only cleanser that has worked but i'm not crazy about it. I feel like the SA was the only thing i liked about it...bc its got a strong fragrance, and its bright orange and i don't know how that is good for my skin. So i looked up Paula's Choice...and there is a BILLION products i could purchase. Which ones do u recommend? There is a SA gel that i might could balance out with the oil you were talking about