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  1. Thank you! I do plan on getting fillers eventually. But I think I should do TCA first to make sure any harsh scar edges are softened. Hey, what would be the name of a Fractional CO2 laser? I will look into this. I am currently trying RF microneedling but not sure how much that will help as my rolling / boxcar scars are quite deep, some of them...
  2. Here's some more info about the subcision...I don't think it was the traditional field subcision that folks talk about for their acne scars...the doctor used a dual bevel 1.00mm angled Sideport Knife to untether individual scars on my face. It was a tiny knife that barely went into the skin. I had topical numbing. I think traditional field subcision you would use a canula or nokor needle and it would be a much larger treatment area than one individual scar at a time...so what I got was NOT that.
  3. I tried to take pictures in different lighting so that the deep scars are easier to see... I have done about 10 rounds of Fraxel 1550 laser (spread out over 9 years), then unfortunately I got some new scarring due to a big breakout - thankfully acne is under control now. Honestly I don't think the Fraxel did much of anything for my rolling scars. Recently I have done 4 rounds of subcision with microneedling. I am now doing RF microneedling as well. Then I will do TCA cross. After that
  4. Question...I've had Fraxel 1550 many times with little to no result...I have depressions in my skin that are rolling and boxcar scars. I am thinking that fully ablative laser would help lift them. Will try TCA cross first. Would CO2 laser be a good choice for fully ablative laser to try to fill in / raise the depressions in my skin?
  5. Stay away from Dr. Ishoo and Boston Acne Specialists! This guy jumps to a new practice / office location once he gets into trouble and has too many negative reviews online. You can dig up his old websites and see old reviews - it's crazy. He's also not a derm or a plastic surgeon. And his nurse / assistant performs the treatments, NOT him. He is crazy expensive and a crook. He has a restraining order out against him. His current office doctors their reviews online and they attack anyone who has
  6. Hi, stay AWAY from Boston Acne Specialists in Cambridge. Dr. Ishoo is a quack. He has a long, shady history. You can look at his fake reviews on Google, the way he and his office attack anyone who posts a negative review, his abandoned previous businesses (also in cosmetic work), TONS of negative reviews for his previous practices / locations, the fact that he has a restraining order out against him...I could go on. Also his regimen gave me more scars and it was hella expensive. yay!
  7. Do we have a list of preferred providers in the Boston area or in New England? I know a few people who have the right tools and appear to have the expertise as well but the jury's still out RE their results as far as my own experience goes. For example, there's Dr. Neelam Vashi at BMC. She has pretty much every tool used in scar treatment except the CO2 laser. Also I think her subcision technique is not typical (doesn't mean it's bad, necessarily) - she uses a Dual Bevel 1.0mm angled Sidep
  8. I started seeing a cosmetic derm in Boston for scarring who recommended we start with subcision and regular microneedling. I did 4 rounds of that. She then said that I have "graduated" from subcision (she didn't feel anymore tethered scars) and we can move on to TCA cross and laser if I want to. I asked about doing additional microneedling, this time with RF, and she said that would be fine. I wanted to do the RF microneedling because I am not yet seeing any improvement in my rolling scars. So I
  9. Hi all, I am looking for others who did, are, or will be pursuing treatment for their acne scars in the Boston area / MA. I have been to several providers so far with minimal (if any) results and am happy to provide details on where I went, what procedures I got done, etc. if that's helpful to anyone else in the area. Has anyone had CO2 laser for their scars in the Boston area? I am looking to do CO2 laser soon and would like to know if anyone has recommendations. Currently I'm doing