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  1. Heard too many negative things about Novick. Search his name on this site. I wouldn't go that route. However there's a guy in FL who has a good reputation - Dr. Weiner. Hope this helps!
  2. I agree!! I've now flown all the way from the East Coast to see Dr. Rullan in CA for this exact reason...twice! Just haven't found any good alternatives near me
  3. Got it. Did the provider combine the cannula sub with any other treatments? Part of why it's been effective for me I think is that Dr. rullan has also been using the erbium laser and the phenol cross so all those things are working together at the same time to break down the scar tissue. Best of luck with the CO2 treatments you're getting, I've heard those can be great.
  4. When you say 3 "vanilla" subs, do you mean cannula subcision? Sorry the treatments you've done so far haven't helped - I've been there!
  5. After pics to show the swelling / redness post treatment. The gauze on either side of my face is to cover the entry points for the subcision and tumescent anesthesia, which bleed a fair amount.
  6. Do you mean my scars? It varies. I started getting acne when I was 13 and I'm 32 now. It's been very well controlled over the past 2 years, which is good. I would say most of the scars you can see I got in my 20s. Also, if you're curious about what Dr. Rullan says about TL sub technique, please check out my earlier posts in this thread. Sorry, I did not answer the cost question. I paid about $2,500 total. Just posted one yesterday
  7. Hi friends, I had my second appointment with Dr. Rullan yesterday. It went well! Always a pleasure to see him. We did: vbeam (for redness), HA filler, phenol cross, cannula subcision and erbium laser. I am attaching some pics I had them take of me (they also took their own pics with high contrast lighting to track progress) and will share them here to give you a sense of my "baseline" going into this second round of treatments. Feel free to compare these to the pics I took last year followi
  8. Hi, I'm almost a month post treatment. Healing well - I think my skin is pretty much back to normal as far as redness, swelling, etc. The scars definitely look better, to me, and so much of the atrophy in my face was fixed really well by the filler. You can still see that I have scars, which doesn't surprise me as I wasn't expecting a "one and done" but I am happy with the improvement and plan to go back for another session with Dr. Rullan.
  9. Thank you, I certainly will! Everything looks great right now but it's only day 6, the swelling could go down even more over the next few days (although it's no longer obvious at this point) and my scars might start to look worse again, more like they did prior to the treatment. I've experienced that with Fraxel, sadly - for a couple of days afterwards, I would be so happy because the swelling made many of my scars just disappear. But ultimately they'd always come back. This time around, in the
  10. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate the support & encouragement. Oh for sure - I always tell people that it's a major red flag if a provider promises a "one and done" wherein all your scars will drastically improve after one session. I mean, unless you have extremely mild, shallow (and very few) scars, maybe. It's so important for both providers and patients to establish realistic expectations - most acne scar patients require multiple sessions to achieve their goals, I believe.
  11. Yeah, there is no magic formula - all we can do is arm ourselves with knowledge which will help us determine which procedure(s) or providers(s) can help us meet our goals. Hopefully I won't need 6 treatments. What does "need" mean, anyway? At the end of the day, I think it depends more on how WE feel about our appearance vs how visible / obvious our scars actually are. Someone with the same scars as me could be satisfied after 1-2 treatments whereas I may not be happy with my appearance until I
  12. Sure, happy to help if I can. During my consult (which was with another staff member) they recommended around 6 treatments total for me. But it wouldn't be the same treatment every time - for example, maybe the first 2 times they do the quattro. Then maybe I don't need subcision anymore so they drop it down to three treatments at once instead of 4 and I do a couple of sessions like that. Then maybe I don't need the phenol cross anymore so they just do the Erbium laser and filler going forw
  13. Hi! From the time they started injecting the tumescent anesthesia to when he finished the subcision of my cheeks, I would say it took 5-10 minutes per side (of my face). Probably closer to 5. My sense of time felt off because I was so nervous! Lol Erbium setting was 2500, they said. Thank you! I really appreciate the well wishes.