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  1. So as it turns out the procedure was punch elevation. I can't find much data on it online. I don't understand why these excessive extrusions are caused. Will they settle down on their own? The other cheek looks comparatively okay. At least no visible excessive extrusions.
  2. Yes I had to get those samples from another lab This is scary..Can you please help me know how these can be treated. The procedure also resulted in PIH, which is being treated with cream containing hydroquinone(4pc) + tretinoin(0.05) + mometasone furoate combination. I am observing facial har growth and swelling after using it. Any other ways PIH can be treated?
  3. I am very new to this community. I have been reading and learning a lot of new things which I wish had done prior to procedure done to face. I visited my local derm in first week of January for acne scars. She suggested a acne scar revision process that would basically help my scars rise (which now I think she meant subcision) and PRP. I went to her office next week with PRP of my blood. After the procedure, my face was swollen and bruised for at least 4-5 days. I have developed