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  1. Yeah well the biggest and most important thing I keep telling people is that I know the B5 powder will work for everyone. It's just no one gives it enough time. People quit within the first month, but that is not how you do it. Trust me I almost quit plenty of times, but I stayed on it. I know it is hard, I went through it too, but you have to stick with it and never let off it. Everyday get in the routine of you dosages and never give up and I can easily tell you (with a healthy diet too) that
  2. Well I don't know if you mean the powder or the pill, but here is what I used for the powder and it worked great for me, although you do have to be patient with it and stick with it for at least 2 months...with that said here is what I do... 1 1/4 Teaspoon in the morning 1/2 in early afternoon 1/2 in early evening 1 1/4 at night before bed No less then 2 1/2 hours between dosages...trust me man, do this and stick with it and never give up and you will reach the best results
  3. I have been on the B5 powder (www.acnemiracle.com) and I can easily tell you that this is the way to go to get the best of Acne. It is a patient process, it takes about 2 months....the big thing you have to do is have faith in it and never give up on it, because eventually it will work for everyone. I have had acne for 3 years, tried everything, some things would help a little other would not help at all. I figured to give the B5 a try and it was slow at first but I got through it and with the b
  4. You know it is wierd....So far I have tried just water (yuk!!) and then some orange juice and it tasted alot better with orange juice, I just want to make sure I am mixing it with the right substances....but no matter what I use so far it seems like it doesn't dissolve very well, most of it goes to the bottom...and then I got to take a spoon and scoop it up and take it from the spoon..and when you take that much from just a spoon it takes really nasty..how do I make it dissolve better and what i
  5. I just got it and there is no way that I can take it with just water...it isn't possible, it tastes to bad. But I don't want to mix it with something wrong and have it dimish in effect because I mixed it with the wrong substance. So what can I mix it with and still have it work to max. efficiency.....I do sometimes drink lemon juice (100% Organic Lemon Juice with water)..could I mix the B5 with that?
  6. This probably doesn't make a difference, but I notice the difference in levels of fiber between the fructose Orange Flavor drink and the Sugar-Free Orange Drink. I want to use the Sugar-Free Drink but it has less fiber, what is better..or am I reading the label wrong or something?
  7. Sry, the reason I post so much is because I want to be sure, it takes alot of faith to switch programs to B5 Powder, so I want to make sure this is the best move right now....Hey Guys, one more question then I will be out of everyone's hair.... ..I know B5 will clear up acne, will it clear up the little bumps? Oily Skin? Redness? Dryness? Is it an overall healer of everything, or just an acne healer? Thanks.
  8. Another thing, when I am on my diet..does this mean that once I am on the B5 I can go back to eating what I want instead of this diet, because the B5 will clean my system out right...or does that mean that when I do eat bad stuff that is will just show up on my face later??
  9. Thanks, Yes it does help...I could always use good advise...You know I was thinking about something....(and I hope people that are on this B5 Formula will answer)...does this work? I have been battling acne for 3 1/2 years, you could say I have tried everything, stayed on a good diet, researched everything, tried everything, ordered everything..It is like this became my life, to get rid of this. I just need that final push, I need something that will deliver the Knockout Blow. I am so close, jus
  10. I had a question about the B5 Powder from AcneMiracle.COM...I have been reading these posts and they all say that when people first go on it they experience (for about 4 weeks to 8 weeks) bad breakouts in result of the cleansing process that B5 provides. Well, right now I am on my own diet right now which is suppossed to help acne out by not putting as much impurities into my body...I am eating all the right things, ya know stuff like Solid-White Fish, Grilled Chicken w/o skin, no hydrating fats
  11. Hey, I am still kinda new with the posts here. I know this sounds like a stupid question to everyone, but I have to ask it because I am not sure. I here everyone in here talk about B5...Well what is it exactly? I have....hmmm.. about mild acne, so I am wondering if this is what I need to help me out some more. I have heard alot of good things about it, if you don't mind, could you display the goods and bads with this B5 stuff? And what would you recommend for me? I would like to say thank you fo
  12. Violeta, what you do is, first you must get a bottle of Pure 100% Organic Lemon Juice. I use the brand Santa Cruz..you can get it at any local health store I am sure. Make sure it isn't Concentrate or other forms of lemon juice, make sure it is the real stuff. Then just get a glass of water and put just a little bit of lemon juice to mix it in and TADA...You have your lemon drink. I drink this 6-8 times a day...it is all I drink...you will get used to the taste and I could definetly say it helps
  13. Yes Endo, in fact your story is about as similiar as mine. After I started drinking lemon juice, it greatly reduces breakouts, still get the little ones but no more big ones. Just make sure when you take lemon juice, the lemon juice is 100% organic and you put just a little bit into the water. I am sure that is how you do it, but just wanted to make sure everyone else knew how to do it so they can try. Remember Organic Lemon Juice!
  14. Hey guys, I have been visiting the boards for some time now and I have been reading most of the posts and doing a little research of my own. In my own studies I found out that it is not just what we do on the outside of our body, it is what we do on the inside too. For example, we do all sorts of creams, miracle loitions, stuff like that we put on our face. But what about on the inside where acne comes from in the first place? I have been studying acne for years trying to find some way to get ri