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  1. Burt and bees makeup ok ?
  2. Hi there iam 46 years old and still getting acne so I started taking spironolactonen a year ago and tretinoin but I need to get off spironolactonen to many side effects and also my skin is been overly dry and acne starts coming back so iam trying to take some vitamin I was reading about omega3 what is a good option on omega 3 any suggest and also mabey looking to take multivitamin and collagen but dont want to break out more but my skin is been so dry iam still on tretinoin any suggestions th
  3. Hi there I'm taking spironolactonen for hormonal acne which helps me alot but I really would like to take a multivitamin could sombody suggest a supplement while I'm on spironolactonen without raising potassium level . Thank u