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  1. Glad to hear your blackheads and body acne went away! I hope this happens for me too since my blackheads can get bad on my nose due to my pores being so large! Have you noticed any decrease in pore visibility on your face in general?
  2. Hi. It seems we are about the same place in time on our ISO journey, and about the same age too. It would be great to have someone to chat to while we go through this together! Feel free to message me anytime and best of luck! I hope this works for us!
  3. 27/F/ CT NOTE: I will update THIS entry every 5 days for the duration of my treatment to track the progress/side effects. I've been struggling with acne and large pores since I was 13. Moderate, sometimes mild, but persistent. Enough lesions, redness, enlarged pores, blackheads, and scarring to feel very uncomfortable going out in public without makeup on to cover everything. In my teen years it was everywhere: face, chest and back. Chest acne went away sometime in highschool, but the ba