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  1. Hi guys! I’m wondering if anyone has any first hand experiences with acne scar treatments in Vancouver. I’ve done some research but I’m not sure who I should go to. I’m thinking of getting some sort of laser for my boxcar scars on my cheeks. Thanks so much!
  2. Oh I see. What type of laser was it? I think the clinic I’m interested in here uses an ultrapulse C02 laser. Not sure if that’s a good one or not. Did you get chemical peels, fraxel laser or IPL laser for your boxscars? I guess I could go somewhere else in the province to get TCA although, I was hoping to stay where I am instead of travelling during recovery/covid.
  3. Ahhhhhhh, you’re right. Yeah, this makes me not want to get ablative mainly because it won’t be a doctor performing the laser. It’ll most likely be a ‘skin technician’. I just got an appointment with a dermatologist for August but I seriously don’t want to wait that long. I might have to just stick to microneedling even though the results are so minimal but it also feels the safest. Also, we don’t have TCA in my city so that is out of the option.
  4. Do you think 1 or 2 treatments of Fractional Co2 would be enough?
  5. Awesome, thanks!! Unfortunately, TCA cross isn’t available where I am. I’m a little reluctant on ablative laser as I’ve heard it isn't suitable for darker skin. Do you think non-ablative lasers would be helpful? And do you think I should stop with microneedling?
  6. Hi! Could someone tell me what type of scars these are? And what treatment I should get? I went on accutane over a year ago and I haven’t gotten a zit since then, so, the scars I have are fairly old. I’ve done 6 sessions of microneedling after I finished the medication. However, I’m wondering whether I should try a different treatment or if I should just continue with the microneedling. I’ve certainly seen improvement although it’s not as dramatic as I’d like it to be. I live in Britis