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  1. So It's been over 2 months now and I still look horrible from my CO2. I went to my regular derm today and he said he wants me to start doing v-beams again to take the redness away. Really DON'T do this procedure, stick with the fractioned version. This is ridiculous and my face looks horrible and it wasn't even that bad to begin with and now I really may be messed up forever!
  2. Well I'm not sure if I'm just being overly sensitive or what but I do feel like I have more wrinkles then your average 25 year old. It may be from years spent in the sun, not the laser treatments, I’m not sure though.
  3. Yes I have had to do four but my derm also uses lower settings on me so you may not need four. I do have to say though the total fx treatment is not a once and done type of thing, you may need at least two to get the results you want. You never know though maybe one will work great for you.
  4. Violetmoon

    My scar treatments

    Before and After pics of various procedures to treat my scaring. I have tried over 24 smoothbeam v beam combos with no results so I decided to try the TCA peel here are my results.
  5. look at my gallery, I have a ton of pictures before and after of my total fx treatments. I may actually put some more photos up now too since it's been so long since my last one.
  6. I personally found that tanning wouldn't stop me from breaking out but it would hide the redness of the pimple making it not look so bad. I really wouldn't recommend tanning though, I used to tan all the time to hide my body acne. Now at 25 years old I have abnormal moles that I am getting removed. Now I have huge scars from where the doc had to cut the moles out. I wish now I would have never set foot in a tanning bed!
  7. That i am not sure about. I don't wear the coverblend everyday but on the days I do wear it I doesn't seem to break out.
  8. I hope it works for you I really love it, I actually have to apply blush and shimmer to give me some color. Though it did take a while for me to learn how to apply it without it looking cakey but once I did I loved it.
  9. Honestly I would buy Dan's products. I have spent sooo much money on different treatments and I really think that Dan's products are the best stuff out there. Money was never an issue for me so I have tried everything, from the most expensive stuff you can find to the cheap stuff in the store and none of it cleared me up like Dan's stuff did. I would also spend a ton of money( and do) on Dr. Perricone's vitamins and stock up on the salmon, blueberries, and the rest of those anti-inflammatory foo
  10. I use coverblend, it's a medical grade makeup like dermablend. I have to say that I love it. It covers all my redness and it stays on forever. I wore it the other night to the club and was sweating really bad and it looked as if I'd just applied it.
  11. Yeah it is really hard to say because it is so common and I know many people with IBS who never took accutane and many people who took accutane that don't have IBS so I guess you never really know. I have really never had a problem with anxiety or at least I don't feel like I do. I would rather have IBS then IBD too, thank goodness for the little things right. As for symptoms I have changed my diet so they are not as bad as they use to be. I don't get cramping and pain anymore just mostly
  12. I really can't remember it has been so long but it seems like it was a year or so of being off it when the symptoms started. I had about a year between my first and second course. My second course I only did for three or four months though because I started to get horrible headaches.
  13. I honestly think that accutane gave me IBS. I had no GI issues before I took it but shortly after my second course the IBS symptoms started.
  14. I remember having a mixture of both rough and smooth skin. My cheeks were really smooth and my chin was really rough. I don't think it's anything to worry about but if you still are having problems by day 9 or 10 then maybe call your derm.