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  1. Hello! Happy that suctioning after subcision has begun to yield positive results for you. I will soon undergo subcision myself and am wondering if your results with subcision + suctioning have continued after a few week or if you've seen your scars re-emerge. Also wondering if it's perfectly safe and advisable to suction in areas where you've had filler injected?
  2. @Sirius Lee What would you recommend to flatten the edges? Do you think I should continue with microneedling? Like I said, nothing much has really changed with the scars, but I've noticed a slight improvement to the overall smoothness of my skin after two treatments. I've read that it can take up to six microneedling treatments to see significant improvement, and some of the scars on my forehead - the ones farther from the center - are fairly shallow. But I have my doubts about how effective mi
  3. I started breaking out on my forehead in my early teens, and I am now 25 years old, with a moderate amount of boxcar scarring on my forehead and temples (some of them might also be rolling scars, I'm not sure). It could be worse, and in some types of lighting is barely visible, but it looks horrid in other types. I've had two microneedling sessions done as of now, and though I have noticed a slight improvement in the overall texture of my skin - enough for me to continue with the treatments - it