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  1. I definitely think Dr. Rullan is a great doctor and you can’t go wrong with him but just for me personally I don’t feel comfortable with him performing my procedure but again that’s only because of how he treated me during my consultation. Dr. Fabi is skilled as well so it definitely comes down to personal preference but just after seeing so many reviews on Dr. Rullan’s work I just decided he wasn’t the doctor for me.
  2. Yes I’d really like someone else to comment too because I’ve been researching doctor after doctor and it seems like most of them are just after the money. I agree that Dr. Rullan is known for subcision but if you watch some of his YouTube videos he makes the patients extremely swollen and bruised whereas other doctors are able to perform subcision without as much swelling and bruising which tells me he’s overly aggressive. And yes Dr. Fabi is famous! If you look her up she has been on The Doctor
  3. I agree that his prices were the highest I’ve seen and I have been to about 4 consultations so far. I agree that subcision is best for my case which is why I thought of going with Dr. Sabrina Fabi since she performs subcision along with using an HA filler because Bellafill can potentially cause issues down the road. My only issue with her is her $250 consultation fee since she’s TV famous. Dr. Rullan was actually reasonably priced and he was really nice but he did say that I, “should be in jail”
  4. Hi everyone, I have a lot of rolling and atrophic scars I want to have taken care of but I have no clue who to go to in SoCal. I just got back from LA (live in Murrieta) today to visit Dr. Rahimi and I just felt like I was being scammed because his place was really run down and his Yelp reviews were also subpar even though the RealSelf reviews were good (I honestly think RealSelf reviews aren’t true because the same thing happened with Dr. Rullan and Dr. Valaie). That’s just my gut and for