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    Abq. NM
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    Being happy in life, we have to be here so lets make the most of it. I really, really love music. Favorite artists at the moment are Tool, Devendra Banhart, and Elliott Smith

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  1. Nah i ain't gonna be in Socal fer awhile, truthfully the drugs just got outta control for me and i need to simma down, im couch surfing at one of homeboys in NorCal:)

  2. Yarrrrrrrrhhhhh :) You are too nice to me Jaxin, thanks :) How have you been? Still living it up in Sunny Cali?

  3. i say goddamm gurl just sawzs the hair thread pic of you and mutha fuck your hot fuckin smokin wild;)

  4. Oh boy O boy im always down for a threesome;)

  5. Too funny! I am on a 2 year plan, so if in 2 years you are still game. You will get the chance to live with not only 1 but 2 really cool NM chicks :)

  6. pack yer shit up and move to Cali and lets be roomies!!!..im ready to move back to San Diego;)

  7. You are too kind :)

  8. Just dropping by again to tell you how glad I am that you've been posting again. <3

  9. officially a lover of devendralover :P

    i saw your log (hot pics) did you use anything for your PIH, im latino (well living in australia) so i've kinda got skin like yours. Any tips chica?

  10. he's here in spirit.

  11. Wiggles I came back to the boards to see whats going on and your not here :sadface:

  12. Why hello Pedro my name is Jessica and its nice to meet you :) Yes sir I do in fact live in Abq.

  13. There is a Blistex in a green package that works wonders and it does not look all shiny. Also Burts Bees. If your lips are really chapped maybe before bed put some vaseline or aquafor on them. I say to do this at bed time because both are really shiny. Also lots of water helps with dry lips
  14. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on pencil seems to work really good for me, have you tried this? I would suggest an eye primer but being you are talking about your waterline I don't think you want to put a primer on that lol.