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  1. Hey so sorry guys. Iv been away for 2 weeks, had my birthday and been travelling about a lot seeing friends I havent seen for years. As you can imagine its been pretty stressful time for me as its always nice to look your best when you see people and family members you haven't seen for a long time. Unfortunately my skin is at its worst it has been for many years. Coupled with all my IB (thanks for the definition!!!) and the fact my skin and lips are just shedding like crazy its been a bit bad
  2. I have a really nasty habit of rubbing mine cos they itch... then they pop... does that count?? Doh!
  3. So today was a bit better than yesterday... my chin is not so bad but still itchy as hell... spots a bit less but now my forehead seems to be getting a bit lumpy... Trying to drink a lot more water in the hope this will make it flush out quicker... My lip balm addiction is pretty bad as my lips are literally coming off in sheets! GRIM GRIM GRIM! It didn't however stop me from getting the number of the cutest guy EVER. He surely must be blind... my skin is probably THE worst it has been in li
  4. Thanks guys, appreciate it. Its good to know I can have milk thistle. I wasn't sure and Im a bit of a supplements geek!!! And vitamin E too good good!!! Hehehe! I currently am using asso gold bar, it hasn't worked any wonders on my skin but it is one of the only cleansers I have found that hasn't made my skin heavy and greasy halfway through the day it made my skin feel like it can breathe. I then use 100% aloe vera gel (organic) which again doesn't make my skin heavy half way through the day
  5. Hey Sid, Hows the study going? God I didnt realise it affected your concentration so much. I cant function at work Im so tired. I cant even watch tv at the moment... maybe I have turned into a crazy person and didnt realise hahahaha! Blame the drugs go on!!! Hahaha it's a good excuse!!!! So Im gonna keep reading you everyday cos I guess we are in it for the duration together, we will have to find other peeps on for the same time hahaha! Have updated mine too... I kinda like telling the world wi
  6. Oh god. I got my IB GOOOOOOOODDDD... can we buy shares in a paper bag factory please???? HOw was your day?
  7. Hey, thanks!!! Having a really bad day today. My chin is just covered! My face is itchy and flaky and covered in spots all at the same time... Fortunately Im the boss at work so I didnt have to face the public for most of today. I work in retail so its kinda a bit hard to hide... except when you have paper work!! Just tried to ignore is and get on with my day... A couple of friends came in seperately to see me and noticed my skin was pretty damn bad! Oh well. I guess Im kind of lucky as I only
  8. Hey good to know theres a few other peeps in for the duration like me too!!! And what is that with the damn waiting list to get a dermatologists appointment here? Then I had to wait 8 weeks just to get my tablets... will be checking in with you... maybe we can all have a post pimple party when we can drink again... it'll be my first birthday sober since I was legal to drink... boooo!
  9. Hi, I just posted too!! I hear you... Im going to look and see what IB is unless you want to fill me in quickly!!! I started 6days ago... had my first tears yesterday... Iv done this before about 4 years ago and I begged my dermatologist to let me stay on it the extra month but he wouldn't let me otherwise I think I would have been clear. The day I saw him I had perfectly clear immaculate skin despite still getting the odd breakout but he wouldn't listen!!! Disheartened me totally so thats wh
  10. So I just discovered this whole blog thing and figured I would start writing my own. I need a bit of support already and figure you guys understand where no one else can!!! Im 6days in, I will post some pics up when I can. I will take them tonight to keep it up to date! going on... I have some pics from before my meds started. I have polycystic ovaries so this is just one of my battles. The rest aren't visible, the pain and possible infertility, the mood swings, dizzyness and tiredness... I sup
  11. Ok so Im new to this... Can somebody explain what I need to do the regime? Im currently 6days into a 6month roaccutane treatment. 2nd time around as I did it 4years ago. Turning into a walking side effect and TOTALY fed up already. Had 2 nosebleeds and managed to rip my nail off the bed today by pressing my roaccutane pill out of the pack... guess Im a bit more fragile at this stage then I was expecting to be! It really hurts, Im fed up already and its my birthday in a week, decided after wai
  12. I'm 26 and single. It does definately affect my relationships as I cant let somebody get close to me. I hate people touching my face and often pull away if someone tries to touch it. You can imagine how that goes down when I pull away from some hair stroking etc! Or somebody goes to brush your cheek and you grab it away. I come across as very defensive in close situations and many people have commented that I dont like being touched - this is relative to being high up, i.e my face or neck. Th
  13. Hello, Im just trying to figure out whether I can use the regime products while I am on roaccutane? Im a bit scared as my skin is obviously really sensitive and dry on it already (Im only 6days in and having a hard time!!!) Also can someone talk me through exactly what Im supposed to use and how? There's all this AHA, jojoba oil... etc etc... Im a bit lost if Im honest! Ive tried the SHER skin care system and it seems similar well kind of! Im not sure where to start!!! Please help!