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  1. I've been watching this thread for a while now. A week ago I stopped washing my face with any scrubs, cleansers or otherwise. The only thing I do is use non-alcohol face wipes and splash with water. On the whole, my skin is looking a LOT better. I still use Retin-A at night also. However, I definitely agree with the irritation theory. Blemishes I have seem to heal faster, and I have resisted any urge to pick. I think using anything to wash my face except water has just contributed to the pro
  2. Yes, it was the Glytone mild gel acne wash. I also used the mask. Both were horrendous. The mild Gel wash also has rave reviews from allure. It makes no sense. As far as i'm concerned, both are HORRIFIC, and I will never recommend them. Stay AWAY is what I have to say
  3. I've actually stopped using the Apricot Scrub because it is too rough. St. Ives has a new Elements line, with a Microdermabrasion product that is really gentle. Good results with it so far! As for the Retin-A cream I use, I use Obagi's 1.0%. It's a yellow-ish color. I've been using the cream both on Glycolic acid and now without it, and it was DEFINITELY the Glycolic Acid causing problems. I really didn't think the Glycolic Acid would make such a differnece, but since I've stopped using it I'
  4. Hi Everyone! I thought it would be interesting to list products that you absolutely love, or often fall back on when devising a regime. Cleansers, SPF, Moisturizers etc. Mine Are: Moisturizer - Complex 15 I get this one in the body cream version (it's a larger bottle), I notice the body version is less greasy than the face one, go figure! I would honestly NEVER use a different moisturizer. Never has made me break out, and good enough to use around the eye area without burning. SPF Garnier
  5. Hmm. Here is my Two Cents: BP - I used this as a default cream, but when a derm prescribed me a bar of this my face got super super red. It bleaches EVERYTHING, and I've hadn't had AMAZING results, so I never will use this again. SA - It seems this is in EVERYTHING. Personally I don't notice any difference when i use SA product, but everyone is different. I feel like it would be most effective in a face wash, then concentrate on areas with something like Retin-A or another topical. AHAs - Not
  6. As Barry Allen noted, I saw this in GNC as well. The one's I've been too store all the ones mentioned in this post. I'm a little confused , about which ones to get. From what I can deduce The Peppermint one is the default one to buy to test out the line, while the Tea Tree Oil one works really well on oily skin and not so well on other types of skin. Hmm. I'd really be interested in giving this a try after hearing your story Amber. How is your skin now? Also, did it reduce oil on your skin, o
  7. Late last night, I decided to give up on the Glycolic Acid. Now I have 1.5 Tubes of this stuff . Interestingly, I find my skin is best when I do everything that the Retin-A manual directs me NOT to. If I exfoliate every day, and put on moisturizer before the Retin-A i feel like I get all the benefits without any of the peeling side effects. We'll see what effect switching off the Glycolic Acid has. Thanks for all the advice!
  8. Thank you for the update! It's been 5 weeks now, and my skin is absolutely ABYSMAL. Far worse than it's ever been. I'll give it 1 more week, and if I don't see a much needed improvement, I'll go back to exfoliating in the morning, mild cleanser at night and retin-A.
  9. Can anyone shed some light on this? Please?
  10. I also have to add that I don't really have much faith in my Dermatologist. She was pushing a Glycolic Kit I was skeptical about. It included pads to wipe my face. I woke up the morning (to go to my first day at work, no less) and my face was beet red. I turn the package, and the first ingredient was ACETONE. I'm no expert, but I really don't think I should be putting nail-polish remover on my face, especially when I am already using the strongest concentration of Retin-A. Hmm. I think Derm
  11. Hi All! I am new to the boards and had a quick question: I've been using a mild Glycolic Acid facewash from Glytone (it's PH Balanced) http://www.amazon.com/Glytone-Mild-Gel-Was...0444&sr=8-4 for about a month as prescribed by my Dermatologist. In this month, I've broken out worse than ever. Today, it was so bad I actually stayed home from work. I am washing with it in the morning and in the evening, following up at night with Complex 15 moisturizer (LOVE THIS STUFF) and 0.1 Retin A Crea